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Bing is so often forgotten about when it comes to organic and paid campaigns, however, it offers new ideas and approaches to Google’s formula, unfortunately, it is yet to earn the same levels of respect that Google has built over the past years. So, don’t forget Bing Ads when creating your Paid campaigns.

Microsoft is still a giant in the digital industry when you think of large businesses it will be likely on your mind. When comparing the Ad functionalities of both against each other it does not carry the same authority, does that mean you should forget about it and not implement a Bing campaign?

No, you should make sure that you have the relevant campaigns set up for your eCommerce store.

There are three very compelling arguments for why, if you do not already, we reiterate, don’t forget Bing Ads Campaigns:

  1. Search Engine Watch produced a case study in September 2016 that looked at three campaigns and mirrored them across both Google and Bing. When comparing the results “it was 63.23% to gain a conversion on Bing compared to Google”. As the trial continued they found that performance became more consistent rather than trailing off.
  2. Bing is quickly catching up Google and some experts feel this could be happening even sooner rather than later. It is a tough challenge but that actually works in their favour. When you are in a race the person sat in pole position for the duration can become complacent while the underdog catching the leader has everything to fight for. Bing has Google in its sights and who would ever count against Microsoft? The Ad landscape could easily change which makes being on both platforms a sensible option.
  3. In case you weren’t persuaded by points one and two, then the hard fact that Bing Ads gives you another channel to get a consistent return on investment from should persuade, as ultimately Bing Ads can help you make more money!

For more information on Bing Ads, we go into detail on what they entail and why you should implement them here.

Don’t Forget Bing Ads; More Reasons We Like Them

Mobile-only Campaigns

They rolled out expanded device targeting, giving advertisers the tools to create mobile only campaigns. This update brought them in line with Google AdWords device bidding. The new bid adjustments meant you could dial down a bid by as much as 100% which opened up the ability to run device specific campaigns or as most call them mobile-only. Why mobile only? Because the majority of clicks come from mobiles across most industries now so this is an area of focus for Bing Ad users.

Cross Platform Imports

Advertisers using Google Adwords can export and then import their campaigns straight into Bind Ads along with their device bid adjustments. So you can copy and paste your campaigns across to another platform and compare performance. Bing is a very different platform though so not everything will be where you expect it to be – you didn’t know where everything was in Google when you set out!

Less Competitive

The reason for the lower cost per conversions is that most businesses see Bing Ads as an after thought so they are less competitive. This generally, but not always, means better Ad positions and more room to play and experiment with different strategies. Wordstream reported an average for their advertisers of 33.5% cheaper CPC on Bing in Nov 2016.

Are Bing Ads More Granular Than Google Ads?

Bing Ads allows you to quickly adjust network, location, Ad scheduling, language, and time zones at Ad group level. This means you can avoid the hassle of making a brand new campaign every time you want to get specific with those Ads – which everyone is beginning to realise is exactly what you need to do to be successful at Paid Ads.

Search Partner Targeting

Bing is nice and transparent when it comes to search partner targeting giving you the option to target just Bing & Yahoo, just search partners, or both. This also happens at the Ad group level. You can also run reports to find out which search partners are directing traffic to your site so you can see exactly where your traffic is coming from. Google only gives you two options: target Google search, or target Google search and search partners.

There is also no way of finding out which search partners drive traffic or opting out of any. So you never really know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Control Search Demographics

Google does not provide demographic based targeting on the search network which they do offer on the Google Display Network. A truly innovative and widely underused aspect of Bing Ads is the control advertisers have over gender and age demographics. Demographic targeting can be controlled at either campaign or Ad group level. This is clearly very powerful for those advertisers offering a product to a specific target audience and can save them a ton of wasted money by adjusting gender and age range from -90% to +900%.

In Conclusion

It is simple to transfer campaigns over to Bing and measure how well they do in comparison to Google. There are tons of optimisation features that are not available on Google. Bing is the underdog so it is fighting hard for your attention and driving innovations in this area just as dynamically, if not more so, as Google. Now is the time to capitalise on Bing Ads and stop seeing them as an after thought because they are growing rapidly and they have Microsoft’s resources and business experience pushing them onwards at an impressive rate. Of course, we are not ruling out Google Adwords, we are suggesting that you advertise on both, and ultimately, don’t forget Bing Ads. They can bring your business more money, so remember, remember and implement.

Whether implementing a Bing Ad campaign is on your to-do list or creating a flawless Google Ad campaign is next, we cover some of the essential tools and techniques to use in order to grow your eCommerce store through shopping campaign success in our FREE Webinar that you can find here.

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