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+1 and UK SEOEspecially Relevant for UK SEO

Google have been testing out their brand new friend recommendation tool, + 1, since March. An announcement on the Google Blog today brings the news that the +1 button is available over the entire web as from June 1 2011. So if you haven’t stumbled across the + 1 button chances are that you will do very soon. Many websites will be incorporating the recommendation such as YouTube and Tech Crunch.

Need to Know Basis

The announcement is especially relevant for UK SEO as it has also been confirmed by Matt Cutts that the + 1 data will be used in Google’s algorithm to determine the rankings on search engine results pages.   Furthermore SEO companies have been shocked to discover that the information gathered from the blocking feature which was also released at the start of 2011 will not be made available to webmasters.

So you will not know how many times your sites have been blocked by users, which would be very valuable information indeed.   Although it is yet to be confirmed, it is thought in UK SEO circles that the blocked data will also be used in the algorithms.

What Does + 1 Mean for Business and UK SEO

Pleasing your customers will hopefully result in multiple +1 clicks from satisfied customers.  The + 1’s may be from people who have dealt with you on a first hand basis or simple from users who have found your website to be full of valuable and useful information.  Users will be able to recommend products, videos, pages of interest, anything in fact.  And the happier you can make the users, the higher your site will rank in the search.

The days of using SEO as a way to build your ranking purely through back linking have long gone.  Today SEO UK needs to be focused on delivering quality content which is aimed at the user and not at the algorithm.  Happy Internet users mean improved rankings, and all that takes a lot of work.

Use a Site Audit to Point Out Areas in Need of Improvement

SEO Traffic Lab a UK SEO Company, recommends a site audit to help you to highlight areas of your website which need attention.  This is especially important if you have not been keeping up to date with the latest changes in UK SEO.

A site audit will involve many different aspects, all designed in discovering the best way to optimise your site and improve the ranking for your business in the search engine results pages.   The audit will discover your current rankings in Google, Bing and all of the other major search engines. Work will then be carried out to discover the current keywords which are most frequently used within your area of expertise.

Redesigning the website can be extremely beneficial as work can be done to create content which is going to be more valued by the visitors to the site.  This will encourage users to recommend the site to their friends using +1 and social marketing.  Call 0800 84 999 33 to talk to SEO UK experts to find out more about the Site Audit service.

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