Remarketing and Display Advertising within the Google Adwords ecosystem provides a fantastic opportunity for companies to place adverts in front of a captive audience. Using the display network, whether it be a dynamic remarketing, managed placements campaign or any targeting use of it, should play some part of your paid advertising.

Setting up remarketing and display campaigns shouldn’t be painful. Here are 6 essential tips to consider when designing your banners:

1. The banner image file size limit is 150kb.

2. The file type formats you can use are .JPEG – .JPG – .PNG – .GIF

3. When creating display banners there is a tendency to only resize the most popular sizes. “Popular” is very subjective to the industry, placement and advert in question. We strongly advise you to use all advert sizes to give you every opportunity for the advert to show in the available space.

4. ALWAYS give the searcher a reason to click. Think “What would make you click on an advert?” Creativity mixed in with your businesses tone of voice is the key to a successful display campaign.

5. A strong call to action is essential that acts as a sign post giving the user direction to do something. Don’t make people have to think.

6. The image sizes come in many different shapes and sizes. If you have a theme or concept you wish to promote then consider how this will work across all sizes. It may look pretty amateurish to have banners and sentences cut off based on the layout!

All of the advert sizes can be found below measured in pixel width x height.

 468 x 60


728 x 90




250 x 250










 200 x 200









336 x 280











 300 x 250










 240 x 400















 120 x 600





















 160 x 600





















 300 x 600





















320 x 40