Google Relevancy – is the current system really good enough?

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‘Expert Searches’ this month have revealed some quite significant flaws in Google’s link obsessed system. Granted, Google is a revolutionary engine that has transformed the face of the online world – but nothing can be truly perfect.
When you search for your own company, (sometimes known as ego searching), Google seems to deliver a fantastic set of results. You enjoy seeing your company in the top 10 results and relish the fact that you’re SEO plans have gone exactly like you planned. However, the fun soon stops there as when you make a more general ‘expert’ search the results are far from expected. Google has this innate ability to list the older over the more relevant when a broader search query is used and it may be costing your company a top 10 place.
To make matters worse your Google reputation is stuck annoyingly down on one domain – change it and you’ll lose everything. This is because Google recognises the establishment of your company through its age, traffic and link referrals – change your domain and you lose everything that you have worked so hard to attain. Google officials were quoted last month as saying that their “technology is constantly being refined” and that your “Google reputation will be protected” if you decide to change your domain. Despite these claims many companies have still had to start their SEO journey right back from the beginning thanks to Google’s un-loyal system. Do yourself a favour and make yourself a mental note – ‘should only change domain name if absolutely essential!’
“But my site is still receiving reasonably good traffic”
We can’t speak for you, but here at the SEOTrafficLab we don’t accept just ‘reasonable results’. Our expert team strive to offer our clients the rankings that they have always dreamed of – the top ones. As a firm Google believer it’s hard to admit that it has its flaws, but it really does. They are costing your company the profit that it deserves. If you want to break through its link building barriers then you need the help from a team who know SEO inside out. Years in the industry have lead our team to understand how Google’s algorithm can be broken down and thus how our clients can unleash their marketing potential.
If you feel that your results from Google are sub-par you shouldn’t be afraid to seek for help. Tried and tested, our SEO plans could be that push in the right direction that your company is in need of. With a varied range of SEO services, and the option to go bespoke, we can offer you a service that is truly specific to the demands of your company. We can make your website more Google friendly, and ensure that its fickle old ways won’t get in the way of your profits.
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