Case Studies

Mrs Bow Tie

38.64% increase

in organic search.

A full SEO campaign was created
in order to fully optimise their
website & create fresh content.

Mrs Bow Tie have digital marketing knowledge but no time to do it in house.

Mrs Bow Tie came to us with an already successful eCommerce site that they wanted to make more successful. They were very short on time to put into their own digital marketing but savvy enough to know what they needed to be doing.

A comprehensive audit highlighted technical SEO elements that needed improving. We advised them on changes that needed making to increase speed and enhance user experience. The bulk of the campaign focused on content creation and a systematic approach to on page SEO alongside back-link acquisition. The rankings quickly saw significant jumps and that was reflected in search traffic and conversions.

SEO Campaign

The specifics of the SEO Campaign included in depth keywords research that took into account competitors and gaps in the industry. We decided to drill down to sub sub category level and target different colours, patterns and designs. Many of the keywords are now at the top of page one. The category pages were made clickable at navigation level and sub category pages created. These were then all optimised fully giving the site a very solid SEO structure.

Content Marketing

A ton of content was created for the site so that it was fully populated at category, sub category and sub sub category level. This helped the rankings and also ensured the whole site acted as a content hub for search queries. Content marketing focused on outreach pieces placed on industry leading sites around themes like weddings and black tie dress codes. The content balance was key to driving traffic to those pages and developing their SEO quickly. A strong off page and on page campaign is what led to immediate success.

SEO Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

As a passionate & ambitious eCommerce store, the number one objective was to increase the amount of traffic to the site, specifically to key product lines. Through regularly creating relevant seasonal content, specifically a series of pdf’s.

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60% increase

in transactions.

After focusing on building a strong
backlink profile & updating on-page SEO.

Increase organic search by


This was done by fully optimising product
pages & creating fresh copy.

Mrs Bow Tie

Having a unique product meant that Mrs Bow Tie have lots of loyal customers, they wanted to expand & grow this brand awareness. We recommended an SEO campaign & continue to build on an already popular reputation.

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