Case Studies

Tag Systems

90% growth

in traffic.

Through creating and publishing
regular content around
industry trends.

Originally they approached us to help grow their brand awareness.

It began as a means to develop their brand awareness and increase the competitiveness of their website. They had specific goals in terms of organic traffic, brand development and the establishment of the website as a true authority within their competitive industry.

The team developed a comprehensive strategy based on a full SEO audit of the site. A cross comparison with key competitors highlighted changes that needed to be made to site navigation and the copy on the main category pages. A content hub was established on the website and populated each week with fresh articles. Creating fresh content was a long term goal for Tag, as they are able to attract and convert news visitors by raising the authority of the site. Creating this content also meant they were able to develop a reputation as experts within their industry.

Audit & Development

An audit provided us with all the information we needed to be aware of the areas that sought more content and that were not being optimised as well as they could. The audit pinpointed a few areas where the team were able to take advantage of their SEO expertise and increase the traffic to the site. This was also a long-term objective, which was achieved by creating a content calendar that publishing regular content and pdf guides for the users on the site.

Cross Channel Content

Developing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to cover all channels deemed appropriate to building the sites online presence and authority. This was achieved through the production of regular content and optimisation. Not only on their own site but producing regular content for their social media platforms. Tag Systems received tuition on how to deliver successful Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaign to maximise the use of social media for brand awareness and increased direct traffic to the website. Raising the authority of the site and establishing them as experts within their industry has been developed with strong outreach practices. They use social media channels to keep potential clients appraised of new developments and remain at the fore of their sector.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Khaos Control

As an inventory management software that provides solutions across numerous industries, they wanted to make sure that they were reaping the benefits of on & off-page SEO.

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69.23% increase

in goal conversions

by creating regular creative content
& building high-quality links


growth in traffic

through creating and publishing
regular content around industry trends

Tag Systems

Following a comprehensive strategy recommended from an audit, they focused on developing regular content and building the authority of their site through strong outreach practices.

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