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Who they are

Laburnum House and MBE are booksellers based in Lincolnshire who sell exclusively to schools. They have been established for over 25 years and stock an extensive range of half-priced books; including a comprehensive “Accelerated Reader” collection. They have a deep knowledge of the education sector and provide a compelling offer of half price books, free delivery over £50 and exceptional customer service.

Their problem

Having established strong relationships with their existing customers, Laburnum and MBE were looking to grow their network of schools. It was important that their marketing was highly targeted, as both their businesses sell only to schools rather than B2C. They wanted to ensure their websites were being discovered by School teachers and Librarians, and that websites were easy to use and order from. 

Our solution

For Laburnum and MBE we used a combined SEO and PPC Strategy. For PPC we primarily used Google Shopping and Search Ads. Due to their very competitive prices, MBE’s and Laburnum’s Shopping ads immediately stood out amongst their competitors. The shopping ads also displayed the front covers of the books – so teachers and librarians could instantly see they were ordering the right book imprint and edition before the ads were clicked (i.e. before any advertising costs were incurred).  Search Ads were also used so Laburnum could explain they work exclusively with schools, and so that their half-price offer, next day delivery and exceptional customer service could be emphasised.  


“SEO Traffic Lab have transformed our digital marketing. We have seen significant increases in traffic to the site and conversion rate. It is a pleasure to work with their responsive and very approachable team”



Increase in revenue

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