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Stokes Tea and Coffee

Who they are

Stokes Tea and Coffee is an incredibly well established coffee roaster with multiple cafes in Lincoln. They have been roasting coffee since 1902, well over 100 years now, when it was started by Robert William Stokes. It continues to be a family run business, spanning across over four generations, now being led by Robert William Stokes great grandson, Nick Peel.

Their problem

Stokes Tea and Coffee has a fantastic reputation locally as one of the best coffee roasters in Lincolnshire. Therefore they wanted to grow the online side of their business and growing their revenue through organic was a big factor. This was escalated as a result of the shift into online shopping during March 2020. They wanted to ensure their website and ultimately tea and coffee was still able to be enjoyed across the UK.

Our solution

For Stokes Tea and Coffee we used our brand new SEO approach, using our tried and trusted SEO RECIPE, which has been developed over our 11 years in Digital Marketing. This included a thorough Site Quality Audit in which we reviewed every single page on their website to look for opportunities as well as quick wins. We then followed our in depth keyword research approach to make sure those searching for Stokes Coffee products could find them easily. This led to an increase in 1,831 positions within Google Rankings. This increased not only their rankings, also their traffic from organic, and their revenue from organic.




Increase in organic revenue

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Increase in organic traffic



Increase in orders from organic