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Content Marketing

Engage your audience with creative content.

  • Written with your target audience in mind
  • Landing page specific copy
  • Adaptable writers that mirror your voice
  • Measurable, data-driven pieces
  • A range of available formats
  • Fully optimised content strategy

Content & Search

When optimising your site for search, the importance of good content can be the difference between appearing on page 1 and a page 10 in SERP’s. The content on your page is there for the user and search engines, you need to tell them what your page is there for, with an element of how your site helps your consumer. Creating a great content strategy will appeal to the search engine as well as helping to prevent the likelihood of a penalty and by using your keywords, naturally, through your content you will be able to rank for certain, relevant terms.

Engaging Content

It shouldn’t surprise you that your content should be engaging in order for users to be interested and actually read what it is that you do. However, the struggles can arise when you are busy running your business and content creation is an everyday task, it can become time consuming and tedious to create and produce fresh, engaging content. We are a team of enthusiastic writers who can create content alongside your input or we can simply provide advice on how to improve your current efforts.

Content Is Everything

Creative content is not simply a monthly blog, there are so many different styles of creating content, it is good to be flexible and approach each style to create content that ultimately works for your business. Trends in digital marketing are continually developing and working with these trends to enhance your website can provide fantastic results. Working within the industry we are continually trying new things and we know what works for your business and can help to create engaging content marketing.


At #TheLab we have expertise across so many different fields from heritage to animal care, computer technology to nature. We fully engross ourselves in your brand and your business and create truly relevant and creative content. When it comes to creating content, whether that be blogs, videos, infographics we are able to represent your business and create a content strategy that truly resonates with your brand vision. A multimedia content marketing approach is not so much the future as it is the now.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Khaos Control

As an inventory management software that provides solutions across numerous industries, they wanted to make sure that they were reaping the benefits of on & off-page SEO.

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69.23% increase

in goal conversions

by creating regular creative content
& building high-quality links


growth in traffic

through creating and publishing
regular content around industry trends

Tag Systems

Following a comprehensive strategy recommended from an audit, they focused on developing regular content and building the authority of their site through strong outreach practices.

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