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When it comes to eCommerce there are so many minor changes that can make major differences, we know we used to run a very large eCommerce business. Some of the challenges we met along the way we remember the pain and in a bid to help businesses avoid these troubles we have created online courses. These are not only specific to eCommerce there are multiple alternatives. However, the first course that we created is eToomi.com. Here you are guided through the steps to create a profitable eCommerce store.

Subject Specific

Similar to eToomi we provide online training experiences that help you to facilitate marketing struggles, these can be minor or major. The likelihood is with our combined experience we have seen a problem if not identical similar, and therefore have created the solution. We regularly speak with delegates of our courses in order to grow and develop the training programmes in a way that will help you to truly get the most out of your business.

Industry Experience

Following the production of eToomi, we have continued to build our thought leadership pieces, with members of the team regularly speaking and attending industry events we have been able to provide answers to many businesses solutions.  We are the kind of people who also have time for a Q&A session and even if the answer took us years to develop we will share our insider secrets to make the difference for the future of your business. If there is not an online training course that you want, we can create that, so let us share our knowledge and experience to help create a bulletproof digital campaign.


We are currently in the process of building more online courses as our feedback from eToomi has been great and we have been able to help numerous businesses to make their eCommerce store thrive from our helpful digital steps. We have a few in the pipeline that we will be sharing with you soon but if you have any areas that you continually struggle with or if you have any quick questions we are always willing to have a no obligation chat with you to understand your troubles, help solve them and maybe even develop an online course to help other businesses just like you avoid the same mishaps.

Case Studies

Pet Fleas

As a specialist pet health provider, their objective was to build awareness across social media platforms and increase engagement with the brand. The reputation built from social media set up.

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9.5k reach

through organic social media

By creating a competition the brand quickly
gained awareness and interaction with consumers.

585% increase

in revenue year on year

Through the use of implementing a
fully managed paid search campaign.


As a young & innovative eCommerce business, Shopisfy wanted to establish their products on their own website. After a combined paid & search campaign they saw a dramatic increase in sales & brand awareness.

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