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Google Penalty Removal

Technical expertise to enhance your search presence.

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  • Google Penalty Removal experience
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  • Experience of manual & disavow process
  • Successful Google Penalty recovery
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Algorithms & You

Google Algorithms love to surprise you with a rankings drop overnight, whether you already know that you have a penalty through your Google Search Console, or if you think that you are being penalised, we are here to help. Over the years there have been numerous penalty updates, taking on many unsuspecting businesses along the way. Here in #TheLab we have always operated in a fully transparent manner and if we find a penalty or notice changes to your site we will notify you immediately.


Penguin, although sweet and very loving animals in nature terms the penguin penalty created by Google is unfortunately representing a less cuddly connotation. The penalty aims to block the use of devious links having an impact on a business’s position in Google SERP’s. Penguin was Google’s first step into trying to resolve issues surrounding false links and what is sometimes referred to as “Spammy Links”.


Panda, again quite a sweet animal in nature, however in the Google Zoo, the algorithm was created with the aim to remove those lower quality sites from Google SERP’s. The biggest problem when it comes to Panda is that most of the sites that are being penalised are blissfully unaware. The pain theory behind that is that the algorithm was created purely around the philosophy of disciplining as a results of the content on the site. This specifically focuses on elements such as thin content, duplicate copy, those traits that are common with poor quality sites.

Still Unsure?

Our team of expert SEO’s have got an impressive history sheet when it comes to working on Google Penalty Removal’s. We have created a trusted approach to reverse the penalty quickly and in a non-disruptive manner. This comes from elements included in our technical audit that look beneath the surface of your site and so much more. You may have invested in this before but it may not have been successful or been thorough enough to make a difference to the penalty. Let us take a look and we will provide you with some remedies for the penalty.

SEO Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

As a passionate & ambitious eCommerce store, the number one objective was to increase the amount of traffic to the site, specifically to key product lines. Through regularly creating relevant seasonal content, specifically a series of pdf’s.

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60% increase

in transactions.

After focusing on building a strong
backlink profile & updating on-page SEO.

Increase organic search by


This was done by fully optimising product
pages & creating fresh copy.

Mrs Bow Tie

Having a unique product meant that Mrs Bow Tie have lots of loyal customers, they wanted to expand & grow this brand awareness. We recommended an SEO campaign & continue to build on an already popular reputation.

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