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Paid Social

There is a motto going around in the digital industry, that to pay is to play when it comes to modern social media. We can’t help but agree, on a daily basis, you are bombarded with thousands of advertisements. Social media platforms know so much about your consumers, their interests, their memberships, behaviour, and friends. This gives you the opportunity to align your marketing with the interests of your consumers and not waste budget on the wrong audience.


Social Media platforms hold so much information and demographic information this means that you can tailor and segment your marketing. The opportunities for targeted advertising on social media is unprecedented, the unique personalisation that is available can allow for relationships to be developed through the channels. These targeting options go so much deeper than the standard gender, age divides, you can target through interests, using email addresses of those in your CRM database, people who are friends with and so much more. Human Connection is marketing is so important to building a relationship, so speak to your consumer as a person.

Facebook Ads

With over 1 billion daily active users, and continually growing, Facebook offers monumental ad targeting opportunities for your business that are unlike any other platforms efforts. They have created what appears to be a non-exhaustive list of potential combinations of demographic, interests, behaviours and so much more. Depending on your business, budget and confidence you can get as creative and experiment as much as you like to reach your target audience through Facebook. Over the years we have experimented with the software to create great results and our expertise across industries allows us extra insight into your consumers’ behaviours.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram And More

Social Media Advertising can be applicable to any site, again as relevant to your audience, these can change. We have worked with many businesses on doing paid ads and have experimented with our own businesses when it comes to other platforms and are able to provide strategies and plans to orchestrate ideas that will work with your audience. Instagram offers fantastic video features that is not too intrusive to consumers on the platform. Whatever platform is right for you, we offer bespoke ads unique to your business objectives and target audience.

Social Media Case Studies

Pet Fleas

As a specialist pet health provider, their objective was to build awareness across social media platforms and increase engagement with the brand. The reputation built from social media set up.

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9.5k reach

through organic social media

By creating a competition the brand quickly
gained awareness and interaction with consumers.

Increasing engagement through posts

3x year on year

Through creating regular, shareable
content on multiple platforms.


After the success of their paid & search campaign, the next stage was to create a fun reputation for the brand across multiple social media platforms and grow engagement with their unique product range.

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