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Magento Website Development Specialists.

  • Optimal mobile experience
  • User Experience priority throughout
  • Well structured product & category pages
  • A slick one page checkout
  • Full SEO Optimisation
  • Great design & project management
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Whatever your requirements are when it comes to building or maintaining your eCommerce website, we can help with you to reach your potential. We have experience working with a multitude of different platforms, including Magento, WordPress and more. Our experience on these platforms also allows us to recommend the best platform, method and system for your business objectives and requirements. Each platform is individual and offers a plethora of features, depending on the amount of products and your requirements these can be tailored to your needs, we are here to help make these decisions. We are Magento website development specialists and can also build an entirely bespoke platform so the sky is the limit!


We understand what you need and what you want from an eCommerce website, more traffic, increase conversions and ultimately make more money. The design of your website needs to incorporate all of these elements in order to convert, we specialise in creating websites with the underlying goal of being a user friendly experience and convert your visitors into customers. We are fully aware that eCommerce is not solely about the look and the feel of the website, it is important that the website is easy to navigate and most importantly, easy to make the purchase.


Your website is an integral part of your business on a daily basis, there is much more on offer than just your own website, you can auto-link your site to shopfronts on Amazon & eBay, this integration can make your site better than competitors. We offer standardised and bespoke integrations, with the likes of your more commonly known eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, but also are able to create CRM processes and bespoke internal or external databases. Our in-house development team are available to recommend the correct process for your business as well as together creating a bespoke build to your specifications.


Following exponential growth or a change of direction for your business, there can often be a tough decision as to whether it is possible to change your website to reflect these changes. Migrating a website from one domain or from one platform to another is a challenge, even to some of the most skilled developers. Unfortunately many businesses do not have a core focus of SEO, unlike us. Therefore we are all too aware of the importance of migrating your current site when you decide to make the move to avoid losing rankings, traffic and ultimately conversions. You can make or break an eCommerce website with your SEO strategy alone.

Web Development Case Studies


As a well known Hot Tub showroom in Lincolnshire, 1StopSpas wanted to create a bespoke website that offered functionality that was new to the Hot Tub industry offering the best User Experience.

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Bespoke build

incorporating configuration technology

Creating a fully responsive &
optimised technical site.

"SEO Traffic Lab are at the cutting edge of SEO, I found them willing & able to challenge our website development process."

Barrie Holden – MD

Ultra Security Centre

Creating a new eCommerce site that incorporated our SEO knowledge was a big factor for USC, along the way there was continued development which enhanced the finished product.

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