If you have an online store but only have a few visitors who actually purchase items, there might be something fundamentally wrong with your site or marketplace. There are many ways to make your online market a better and safer place for potential shoppers online. Here are 5 of the biggest mistakes online merchants can make and how to fix them:

1. Not organising your marketplace

How your e-commerce website is organised is a huge factor in whether visitors stay on your site, let alone, buy your products or not. If your online store is unorganised, providing little method to the marketplace madness with unrelated products grouped together, visitors will find it hard to search for the products they really want. To fix this, set up your online store with categories and products in mind so visitors can search for related items on the same page or next pages.

2. Not working with a web designer

It is tempting to cut corners and build your site without working directly with a web designer but this can cost you. Web design is crucial in how a site directs its visitors to important elements such as your products and services. For online businesses, site visitors must be able to navigate through your marketplace without any trouble. Working with a web designer closely in building your site will help make site navigation for visitors simpler.

3. Not using search engine optimization

Incorporating SEO into your website is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. You have an expensive flashy website but does it actually exist if people cannot find it? Research SEO and its relevance to your business needs. If you sell a high priced product online SEO is absolutely essential. Although you may have a reasonably sized band of customers that purhcase from your site there is a much greater number of potential customers who are looking for your products but don’t even know that your e-commerce website exists. This is the key fundamental of Search Engine Optimisation and E-commerce SEO.

4. Not using web analytics

For online merchants, web analytics is extremely effective in evaluating the needs of customers and how they interact with your online store. Not using web analytics means a loss of data about leads and customers that would have been valuable in assessing your store. Sign up for free web analytics software like Google Analytics to evaluate your website such as which product pages are the most visited, which products are the most popular, and other useful metrics.

5. Not giving your customer several different payment choices

After signing up for an e-commerce hosting package, sign up for a merchant account to process online purchases. Diversify your payment methods to give customers enough choices at check out, including major credit cards, PayPal or through their bank account.

Don’t make the same mistakes online merchants make and grow your online store with these tips.