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Why It's Different

Local SEO is there to drive traffic to your site that is geographically related to your business, the traffic is driven through a selection of specifically created and targeted landing pages. It differs from standard SEO practices as the process is focused around optimising on a smaller, localised scale. This is done through the addition of Local keywords, the likes of “Lincolnshire” being added to the familiar search term of SEO creates a different revenue of results. One which we have capitalised on ourselves for being number one for SEO Lincolnshire, hopefully this is still the case when you look…

Importance of Local SEO

Creating and implementing a local search engine optimisation campaign allows for you to be able to get your brand in front of your target audience when they are looking for you. Regardless of the reputation of your competition, if you are able to provide Google with the information that your site is local to the user and more importantly answers their query, your business is likely to be favoured to answer the specific query. This should be done mainly through the use of Local Link Building, Local Citations and Local Outreach or as some refer to it Digital PR.

What You Need

Local SEO is built around the same foundations of our usual SEO strategies, the likes of well written and informative content, website structure and social media. However, when it comes to optimising your website for Local search, there are a few elements that need extra attention. Maximising your website reach by adding Google My Business pages, adding location to Google Maps and the particular focus on other relevant and local websites.


The growth of Local SEO has been part to thank of the growth of the use of mobile and the algorithm updates that have bought local search results to the fore. The use of mobile in searching for shops, venue’s and restaurants has become instrumental. Whether the user is searching for reviews or opening hours by optimising for local you can attract customers already in your geographical location. A feature that is worth a particular mention here is the use of “Call Us” or “Book Here” buttons on the SERP’s, which sees a higher conversion rate for local businesses.

SEO Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

As a passionate & ambitious eCommerce store, the number one objective was to increase the amount of traffic to the site, specifically to key product lines. Through regularly creating relevant seasonal content, specifically a series of pdf’s.

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60% increase

in transactions.

After focusing on building a strong
backlink profile & updating on-page SEO.

Increase organic search by


This was done by fully optimising product
pages & creating fresh copy.

Mrs Bow Tie

Having a unique product meant that Mrs Bow Tie have lots of loyal customers, they wanted to expand & grow this brand awareness. We recommended an SEO campaign & continue to build on an already popular reputation.

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