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SEO Audit

An SEO Audit to kick start your campaign.

  • Technical, on-page & off page audit
  • We check every metric using advanced tools
  • Delivered to you so you understand it
  • An actionable checklist of pointers
  • Expeirenced content & technical team
  • Informs all future digital campaigns
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Why Audit?

Every marketing campaign starts with an SEO Audit, we don’t know what to fix until we have looked at every element of your website and understood what is broken. There are three tiers of our SEO Audits, our basic package is thorough whilst our middle and high end audits are more in-depth. We approach your site from three perspectives: a consumer, a search engine and a digital marketer. Every audit that we carry out gives us a set amount of problems we need to fix, a number of areas we need to tweak, and a crystal clear plan of how to market your site successfully in the future.

Core Elements

An SEO audit investigates areas such as, URL structure, pagination, site structure and ease of navigation. We also look at more technical elements including but not exclusive to, on-page meta, backlink profiles, breadth of content, and 404’s. These are just some of the foundation level checks we do across your site. Naturally there is a manual process that goes into every audit so that we can see how it performs from the perspective of a human being – tools cannot measure the aesthetic appeal of a site for instance.

Technical Elements

We delve into your site to clarify if there are any technical issues that may be holding your site back. This is in relation to ranking drops, unnatural fluctuations in organic performance and potential Google penalties. Our team of experienced Search Strategy Specialists work with bespoke software in order to discover any issues with your site that regular bots may miss. Our SEO audits really are packed full of value & carefully presented detail so that you understand it all.

User Experience

User Experience, (UX) as us industry folk refer to it, is one of the most important elements of our audits has become incredibly influential when it comes to your ranking opportunities. Alongside the use of the technical and human areas of the audit, our expertise allows us to understand the usability of your site to your target audience and their modern day, short attention span demands.

SEO Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

As a passionate & ambitious eCommerce store, the number one objective was to increase the amount of traffic to the site, specifically to key product lines. Through regularly creating relevant seasonal content, specifically a series of pdf’s.

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60% increase

in transactions.

After focusing on building a strong
backlink profile & updating on-page SEO.

Increase organic search by


This was done by fully optimising product
pages & creating fresh copy.

Mrs Bow Tie

Having a unique product meant that Mrs Bow Tie have lots of loyal customers, they wanted to expand & grow this brand awareness. We recommended an SEO campaign & continue to build on an already popular reputation.

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