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Full Digital Marketing Website Audits

Tailored digital campaigns that get results.

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  • Cross-channel campaigns
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Current Performance

Digital Marketing is no longer a brand new concept, you may have had a strategy prior, a full website audit allows us to delve into your previous campaigns to examine the successes and failures. Everyone has different approaches, by doing an audit we can go back to the basics and review your current performance allowing us to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Dependant on the feedback from this we create actionable tasks to reach your objectives.


When it comes to an audit, we dig deeper than just what is on your website, we explore the content, the links and the usability. One of the biggest factors when it comes to the success of your website is User Experience, by auditing your site to fully explore the usability and functionality of your sit we are able to propose implementable methods to revolutionise your digital marketing approach.  We can create specific audits to your pain point areas as well as focusing on unique platforms.

Technical SEO Audit

We offer Technical SEO Website Audits that delve deeper into the success of your prior campaigns, including the usability of your site. In other words, making sure that your website is designed for humans, not robots. Excuse us while we get slightly geeky, these technical audits review everything from canonicalization to XML Sitemaps and site speed to mobile responsiveness. These then provide unique insights for improving your search visibility, from these insights we are able to build and implement a bulletproof SEO strategy.

PPC Audit

PPC is arguably one of the most measurable digital marketing technique, however, it is also easy to miscalculate. You invest money and in an ideal world, you see this develop into more money, in the form of sales. Whether you manage PPC in-house or use an agency, it is important to review how well the account is performing and more notably pinpoint the areas that can provide potential growth.

Strategy Case Studies

Lincolnshire YMCA

After meeting with SEO Traffic Lab their marketing goal was to grow the awareness of their fitness qualifications. Lincolnshire YMCA undertook a miniature technical audit, illustrating some areas in which they could improve their marketing approach.

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return on investment.

Within 4 months following a full audit and
application of the Google Ad Grant Scheme. 

44% increase

in goal conversions.

After conducting a full & technical audit
& site analysis, actionable tasks help turn
visitors into consumers.

MotoNovo Finance

In the beginning, MotoNovo were not having the same digital marketing success as some competitors. Enlisting the expertise of SEO Traffic Lab they were able to raise brand awareness, goal conversions & ultimately sales.

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