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Misconception, myth and a reluctance to discover the unknown can surround any technology that isn’t fully understood and the Google Display Network is no exception. Google’s Display Network offers several unique and intricate ways to target users on the platform. Your Understanding of each of these techniques and how they can work together/or exclude might just be the difference between success and failure in the truly under utilised Google Display Network. All you now need to do is tap into your creativity and design some killer call-to-action adverts as we explain each targeting method:
1. Contextual Targeting
In Google’s own words “The Contextual Targeting tool automatically builds keyword lists that can be used to show your ads on relevant web pages.” Yes, really that Simple.
The Contextual Targeting Tool is a fantastic insight into how Google organises keywords and keyword lists. Whilst contextual targeting gives you the opportunity to put your adverts in front of a user at the correct stage of the buying cycle you do not have do this manually: The tools gives you tightly knitted themes of keywords at the touch of a button. It may also give you a glimpse into how Google Towers views your market with their very own suggestions.
2. Placement Targeting
Placement targeting is a great way of leveraging exactly the websites you want to appear on. Placement targeting allows you to pinpoint a specific site with a budget you feel comfortable investing.
EXPERT TIP-  There are very popular national publications that are part of the display network which everybody wants to target. If space on such sites is scarce, the premium for advertising on there can do up. Take the time to research niche publications that are targeting, relevant and not going to make an excessive dent into your display network budget.
3. Remarketing
According to the latest Ecommerce Quarterly from Monetate conversion rates to add-to-basket/cart and sale stands at 1.17%. If this is to be believed 98.83% of visitors are leaving the site without purchasing anything, with majority of visitors never returning to your site. Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing give you the opportunity to have a second bite of the cherry and keep your brand and products front and centre in the buying decisions of your potential customers.
4. Interest Categories
As we visit a webpage within the Google Display Network, Google tags the webpage theme to the user’s cookie. As the user browses more sites with the same theme, that user is marked as having that particular interest. The user sits within an “interest category” that as an advertiser you are then able to target.
5.  Topic Targeting
Topic Targeting gives you the opportunity to advertise on web pages that relate to your chosen topics. You can target at a general level or sub-topic level. There are over 1,750 topics and subtopics, as highlighted in the example if you were looking to advertise to an automotive audience.
The key difference between Interest Categories and Topic targeting is interest category targets relevant users and topic targeting focuses on relevant sites.
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 13.58.45
6.  Geographic and Language Targeting
This targeting method does exactly what it says on the tin. Adwords location targeting allows you to target your ads to a specific geographical location.
EXPERT TIP – This targeting method is better used with other targeting strategies. For example you may want to use this in collaboration with Remarketing or Contextual targeting if your product or service is fixed to this parameter.
7. Demographic Targeting
If your products and services are dependent on a specific customer within a particular age range, gender or parental status, demographic targeting is a must. Ads can be shown to customers according to these parameters, and similar to Geographic and Language Targeting should be used in unison with a 2nd targeting method to make the ad placements relevant and in front of the right users.
The real wonder of the Google Display Network comes in the possibility of using different targeting and targeting exclusions to hone your campaigns to specific audiences and users. This can allow you to be seriously focused and use your budget efficiently.

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