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Hi there. I’m Chris from SEO Traffic Lab and today I want to talk to you about Christmas. Now, I know it seems early, but if you sell online, you really need to start thinking about Christmas. Now, my mum started her Christmas shopping and I know it’s only September and I know that’s alien to all of us guys – but unfortunately, she’s not alone. According to Voucher Codes, 32% of all British people start their Christmas shopping before the end of September. So that’s 32% of people by the end of this month alone. What’s even more insightful for store owners and retailers – according to PayPal, 48% of all of us will do all of our Christmas shopping online without even buying anything from an offline store.
Now, we recently blogged on how to get the most out of Google AdWords over the Christmas period. There are three ways to own Google AdWords this Christmas. But today we want to talk to you about one point in a little bit more detail. And that’s dynamic remarketing and why you absolutely need to be using this technology within AdWords. And if you’d like a really insightful and more detailed post on dynamic remarketing, visit our blog as you can check out most of the AdWords and the technical SEO side of things in great detail, and also the content marketing.
Now, with regards to Dynamic Remarketing, there are four elements that you really need to understand to get most out of the technology. And there’s four ways you can target the visitors on your site. Now, you do this through adding a piece of code onto your site. The four ways that you break this down or can break this down are through general visitors to the site which can be the general remarketing in AdWords. You can do it through specific products. If I visit a, let’s say a product, a pair of shoes on a site, that particular site can then re-advertise those shoes once I left the site.
If you think about conversion rate, on an average that would be 2-3% at best. You’ve got 97% of people that visit your site that are going to leave and not come back. So you absolutely need to be using this type of remarketing, the specific products. And it isn’t just people that haven’t bought from you as well – if somebody’s bought a product form you and then leave the site, you can then put an item that might be related to that product/service. Again, shoes – it might be trousers, it might be shoe polish. Whatever it might be, you can put something right back in front of them again.
Now, one that’s really important and it’s funny to come on because these are the people that are as far down the buying funnel as they come with your store: and that’s people that come to your store, put products in their cart and then leave. The cart abandoners. Now, with this you can also remarket to these guys the exact product that they left on your site when it was in the basket. So one of the recommendations that we would make and I would make to you is to on these guys that do that a bit more. A bit more because that is as close as you can get to the end of the funnel. And with all of this, you can change the bids, up the bids, reduce the bids, based on what it’s telling you in the account. It’s such important information in your AdWords account and you really need to be looking it up to base your decisions, especially with dynamic remarketing.
One thing that you absolutely must remember today with dynamic remarketing is to put a frequency cap on how often the ad can appear. You don’t want to stalk the visitors to your site. You don’t want to turn them off. If you see an ad – and I feel the same – if you see an ad 10 times a day for the same product, it’s just turning me off and making me want to go buy from somewhere else. So really bare that in mind – that is one of the biggest turn-offs for people and completely forget about in remarketing generally.
With the dynamic remarketing, it’s so important that you do this and Christmas is a perfect time to do this and take advantage of that because, as we know, throughout Christmas, sales go up and especially cart abandoners in relation to that. So really think about that. If you do the things in this post, that we’ve talked about earlier on, and generally try dynamic remarketing coming over the Christmas period, you can expect the elves back at the warehouse to get extremely busy in the run-up to Christmas.
So let us know how you get on with this. We’d love to know your successes with that and if you need any help, drop a line as well and we’ll try to put you in the right direction. Thank you!

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