Not Been Affected by Google Panda? You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet

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SEO circles have been discussing Google Panda

at great length over the last month. In fact the internet is awash with all the details on how the algorithm update has affected their sites.  Some have found that their old SEO techniques are completely failing and looking for new ways to bring their website back from the depths of the SERP where it has been slung since the update was introduced.
If you have not been affected yet and are left wondering what all the hype was about then is it safe to rest on your laurels? The simple answer is no.  Although there has been no official word from Google, there are suspicions that Google Panda has been activated in a recent update in our part of the world on 27 March 2011.  And if it hasn’t then we you should expect it to come any day now. So if you haven’t been checking your rankings, perhaps now is the time to do so.

Google Panda means Old SEO Techniques Need a Revamp

If you have a fantastic site which is free from spam, copied content and re-blogged information then you need not be so concerned.  This update, as we have previously reported, is designed to target content farms and poor value websites.  Your site may actually have risen in the rankings, so it is worth seeing where you stand at this present time.
Poor value has been taken to mean unoriginal, unhelpful and merely keyword dense articles only designed to get traffic without offering anything more. Sites which have very little to offer may find themselves dropping rapidly from the SERPs and left wondering what went wrong.
The good news is all you need to do is make sure that you have original work, which is relative to your content.  The bad news is many websites have taken this to mean long, drawn out articles which are not fun to read.  Quality does not necessarily mean quantity. There is no need to fill up your website with thousands of never-ending words.  Just make sure your posts are concise and you should be able to escape the SERP punishment.

Google Panda &The Value of SEO

SEO consultants have been aware of the upcoming changes and working with companies to make sure that they are not adversely affected. There has been a large amount of warnings given surrounding Google Panda, and also Bing’s firm stance against poor content.
If you are unsure of how your website is performing it is an excellent time to request a full site audit.  That way you can discover how well your pages are performing, and pull your company from the bottom of the ranks before serious damage is done.  Call 0800 84 999 33 or email for more information from fully qualified SEO experts and make sure Google Panda doesn’t affect your business.

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