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This week is National Apprenticeship Week, so we wanted to share with you the experiences our amazing apprentices get up to in #TheLab. National Apprenticeship Week is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.
The key focus for #NAW2016 is the fact that “An apprenticeship can take you anywhere”, looking at the skills learnt to show how young people, entrepreneurs and businesses can “rise to the top” through traineeships and apprenticeships.  
We currently have three apprentices working at #TheLab, through the apprenticeship programme with LAGAT Recruitment, below they have give us a little bit of insight into what their time with us has been like and what they are enjoying most about their apprenticeships.
“I could not tell you a specific part that I love most about my apprenticeship, because there is just not one, I enjoy every aspect!”
My time at #TheLab all started when I realised college was image1
not for me, I wanted a more hands on approach to learning. Digital Marketing was something I realised I was interested in after briefly studying Media at college and I wanted to combine this with my passion for social media and content. I then came across SEO Traffic Lab’s Apprenticeship scheme, I applied and a few weeks later I was asked to attend an interview, I was so nervous! I remember leaving the interview and for the rest of the day I did not stop staring at my phone, hoping for a phone call, then a few hours later it came, I got the apprenticeship, I was ecstatic.

Now I am 9 months into my apprenticeship and I am still loving every day, the early mornings were painful at first but I soon got used to them. Within my apprenticeship I do a range of different tasks including, creating and uploading blogs, creating meta descriptions and so much more. On top of my workload I also have to complete a variety of modules to ensure I pass my apprenticeship, and not to forget… making a few cups of tea and coffee.
Every day is different, filled with new tasks, creative ideas and new challenges. Like with anything some days I cannot believe the standard of the work I produce and others I cannot deny I worry if I can do it, but I soon snap out of it and realise how far I have come and how much I enjoy what I do. Before getting the apprenticeship I never thought I would see myself not only having the opportunity but enjoying it so much and receiving such positive feedback for the work I produce. This opportunity is one of the best things I have done and being here now I can honestly say that I am so happy I did not give up because I could not imagine being anywhere else.
“This apprenticeship has allowed me to work in a field I simply would not have been able to before and I would not change it”
image2As my three-month anniversary at SEO Traffic Lab approaches, I can undeniably say I have enjoyed every single day. From knowing little about SEO and digital marketing to recently becoming HubSpot certified, I have already learnt so much and continue to advance my understanding every day. I was able to apply the skills and knowledge I had learnt straight away and I continually produce work for clients, which gives me a boost of confidence that my new skills are already being put to use. It is very fulfilling to see the content I have created go live and have the potential to be seen by anyone on the internet, this coincides with the rewarding feeling that comes with my team having faith in my abilities.
With our wide range of clients, no two days are the same and when creating content, I have delved deep into many industries I never thought I would, some that are slightly embarrassing. It is without question that everybody that works at SEO Traffic Lab is very supportive and happy to help with any query I have. I could not have asked for a better team; they keep me smiling every day and make the office the enjoyable place it is. I can truly picture myself staying in this industry and with technology ever changing, I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

“This apprenticeship has made me realise that I would like to stay on within this industry as it provides great opportunities and I thoroughly enjoy the work I do.”image3
During my apprenticeship I have learnt a lot about the marketing industry and gained a good knowledge of the “do’s and don’t’s” within Search Engine Optimisation. Over the two months that I have been here I have learned a lot of new and key skills for digital marketing, I have used many different training sites including HubSpot, which I can proudly say I recently became HubSpot Inbound Certified. During my time here I have had the pleasure of working alongside many digital experts who have helped my knowledge of the industry as a result of their experience and education. I am personally working towards and focusing on the technical side of the business, I will be looking at completing audits, google analytics and crawling websites to receive the relevant data, this is an area that I currently enjoy and I am looking forward to learning more about it.
Some of the highlights of working in the office are the fact that we have one of the nicest teams going, meaning you can not sneeze in this office without a few people jumping at the opportunity to say “bless you”. 

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