Bing and Yahoo Going From Strength to Strength

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PPC Campaigns Benefit from Bing’s Growth

According to Experian Hitwise Bing powered search had a very successful March.  The report shows that Bing searches increased by 5% and are were responsible for 30.01% of all Bing Yahoo vs Google and PPCsearches over the four weeks ending April 2 2011.  Although this is still a fair way off Google search which dominates the figures claiming 64.42% in March 2011, it is worth noting that they did in fact drop by 3% compared to February.

So What Does This Mean for Your PPC & SEO Campaign?

Pay per click (PPC) is a powerful form of online advertising which can be very beneficial to any SEO marketing strategy.  Many people are fully aware of Google AdWords as being the hub for all the advertising on their search engine results pages.  Unfortunately a lot of companies are still yet to get to grasp with Bing, and are unaware of the benefits which come with spreading their PPC campaign over more than one search engine.

Spread Your PPC Advertising

Since Bing and Bing powered searches are continuing to grow it is now worth taking some time to incorporate your online campaign with Microsoft’s search engine.  Bing has a similar advertising area known as Microsoft adCenter.   This is the hub for all your advertisements and it works in a very similar fashion to Google’s AdWords.

The advertisements which are created in your adCenter can show up not only on Bings SERPs but also on Facebook, MSN affiliated sites and to name just a few.  This is a wide audience and definitely worth investing both time and money in.  Creating the account is free and easy but you will require more time in setting up your campaigns.

Each campaign you create needs to have an ad group, you also have to write the ads and create a keyword list.  There are several tools which you can take advantage of to make sure that the words you utilise are powerful, relevant and likely to see your adverts targeted towards the right consumers.

All PPC Campaigns Need a Watchful Eye

PPC advertising needs to be monitored very carefully in order to make sure the campaign is successful throughout the entire process.  This is regardless of what search engines you are using.  By leaving a campaign after you set it up you risk it fading into the background after the initial peak.  This can be extremely disheartening after all the effort which has been put into the creation of all the ads, and the intense research into excellent keyword choices.

By examining the performance details of the campaign it is possible to keep your adverts fresh, make necessary alterations and even make a clearer definition on the types of consumers you wish to target.

Online marketing is becoming more powerful as each day goes by.  It is essential for all companies to have some form of advertising on the Internet and PPC is a great way to go. Small business start-ups can benefit from this type of SEO strategy as much as larger more established companies.  It is even possible to create a PPC advertising campaign on very tight budgets.

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