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What about your site’s Back Links Content?

After the latest Google Panda update every business began looking at their web content.  The idea was to quickly do away with any copied content and non-original work and replace it with well written, original writing that is not repeated anywhere else.
Your outsourced SEO Company and writers would have worked around the clock to help prevent your website from losing out in the new algorithm.  It has been a couple of months since the update and you may think that life may have settled down somewhat for UK SEO, but the truth is SEO is a constant battle.

Backlinks Need to Be Carefully Placed

You see the problem caused by the update is not isolated merely to the content on your own website.  All of the carefully placed and organically created backlinks will now need to be revaluated too. If you have hundreds of links which you use to boost your websites rankings then it is essential that these are carefully looked over in order to satisfy the latest Google update too.
Back linking is just one of the methods used in UK SEO.  Your URL can be posted in other areas on the Internet and this is used to help show the search engines that your site is worth mentioning and this increases your rankings in the SERPS.  However, if all of your backlinks are found on what are now deemed as ‘poor quality’ they may have a negative affect your position in the search results.

Improve your Backlinks to Help your SEO

The job of improving your backlinks can be given to a SEO company.  They will be able to research into your current backlinks and help to ensure that the web pages the links are on are of good quality.  You may have invested in some article marketing and created blogs to help promote the ranking of your site.  These can all be evaluated and reworked to help them become more favourable in the eyes of the search engines too.
This is very worthwhile as not only will you be working towards pleasing the algorithms used by the search engine giants, you will also be producing a better experience for any visitors who find the pages containing your URLs.  This will increase the likelihood if the visitors clicking through to your website and also improve sales, which is what the whole point of UK SEO.
Talk to a SEO company about improving the performance of your back links.  By analysing your sites data they will be able to see what sources are being the most beneficial at encouraging people to visit your site. This will help in building stronger future backlinks and will be of benefit for you entire SEO campaign.

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