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There have been plenty of reports this week showing many companies had falling in the search engine rankings.  This is down to Google implementing the changes in their search algorithm.  Content farms and poorly run websites have found their SEO strategies have started to fail. This has resulted in their rankings being greatly reduced. 
Not all companies are feeling the pain, and many have now started to be recognised thanks to their hard work.  The changes have meant that quality content is now easier to be found by people using the Internet, improving their online experience.  This is excellent news for users as it is far easier to find exactly what they are looking for without having to sift through pages of spammed content which is of no use.  And this is where many small companies can finally start receiving the recognition and traffic that they deserve.

Clearing out the Weeds

The idea which has resulted in many companies having to restructure their SEO techniques has resulted in many changes in the SERPs.  Spamming sites are no longer clogging up the first pages which have come as a relief to genuine website owners worldwide.  Low quality information will no longer make the grade.  If your site is not delivering the goods then you could effectively fall out of the results altogether.  Content farms are some of the biggest losers.
Google have predicted that the changes will affect around 11.8 per cent of the results which are delivered to users.  And there is plenty of evidence which has proven that the new algorithm is working. Many of the spam sites have lost their prized positions, and many websites have seen much welcomed boosts in their performance.

Some Weeds are Still Beautiful

There have been complaints by some companies who have also suffered a blow in their positions in the listings, despite delivering good content.  The problems lie with sites which have written articles of poor quality even though they have some interesting points to make.  Often SEO articles can be too focused on keywords, that the message is hard to follow or it ends up getting lost.  And this is where efforts need to be concentrated.

Make Your Site High Value

Google stated that the changes were designed to make sure that low quality sites are not cluttering up the results pages.  By low quality they mean that the articles deliver a low value for the user.  Copied content is not desirable and simply adding posted content from other sites related to yours will no longer cut the mustard.
Original content is a must if you want to succeed in Google search engines, and the other leading competitors.  Although they have not informed the public of how they define a low quality site from a high quality site, one thing is very clear.  Spamming keywords as a SEO method is not going to work.

SEO Marketing Strategies have to Stay Constantly Updated

In order to gain from these recent changes it is imperative that your SEO marketing strategy is updated.  You need to make sure your content is one hundred per cent original and is of use to your target audience.
SEOTrafficLab have a site audit service which can help to identify the areas which need improving.  The SEO experts are able to discuss any new ideas and strategy’s with you and your marketing teams to make sure your site is up to date and performing to its full potential.
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