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SEO experts realise the Value of Social Media

Seo and Social MediaSEO experts are constantly working to make sure that the online presence of businesses all over the world are performing at their best.  SEO is like a moving target, it is necessary to stay on the ball with any marketing to make sure that websites do not start to fall victim of the latest algorithm changes.  In order to do this is I necessary to stay completely up to date with everything that might have an effect on the SEO campaigns and to be prepared to prevent falls in rankings.  This is a full time job which involves detailed research, quick thinking and problem solving.

With the newest update which almost everyone is now sick of hearing about SEO experts have learnt the importance of original content.  It is also worth realising the value that social media adds to any online marketing campaign.  Twitter in particular is an excellent player when it comes to strengthening websites and improving brand awareness.  In addition to Twitter there is Facebook ‘likes’ and now Google’s +1 all of which can be more powerful than building several backlinks.

Search Engine Changes and SEO

If you regularly look for the latest information using the search engine giant Google for example you will notice that top of the results come the Twitter feeds related to your search.  These results are constantly updated each time a new tweet comes in related to the search term.  And the more you can have your tweet retweeted the more power is given to your link.  This is why it is important to have a strong social media identity.

It is necessary to have a sturdy social media personality and voice.  If you are trying to strengthen a brand name then make sure that your social media profiles all have the same name, and also to make sure your links use the brand name as the keyword, and also to build a strong offline advertising campaign.  If you spend time on all the different aspects and work closely with SEO experts who understand how to get the most out of all of your online strategies it is possible to build brand signals and build strong Twitter and Facebook profiles.

SEO Social Media Needs Attention

Just one Tweet every couple of days is not going to cut it in SEO terms.  The account needs to be kept updated with fun and informative tweets.  Build a rapport with your followers and spend time sending direct messages and building lists to help you organise your followers.  In many cases managing social media is considered to be a full time job, and the best campaigns are the ones who realise the potential of social media accounts.

Not everyone has the manpower or the time to devote to social media which is why it is worth looking into the services offered with social media for business experts. They can work hard on your behalf to make sure that you get the most out of your social profiles, build strong brand signals and make the most out of the current SEO techniques.  Call 0800 84 999 33 for further information or contact us at sales@seotrafficlab.com.

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