Competition Heats Up Between Google, FaceBook and Microsoft

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The Importance of SEO online marketing

Most small companies will now be aware of the importance of online marketing and how it can be a vital part of building a successful business.  One clear sign of the strength of the SEO marketing strategies are the amount of competition between companies who hope to capture a dominant position when it comes to advertising for businesses of all sizes.
Battle of the Digital Titans
You may have some SEO plans in place or are looking for ways to increase your online presence.  You may be focusing on one or two of the largest search engine providers such as Yahoo and Google.  Recent news reports show that it is vital to understand and be informed on all the new up and coming services which can be used to help boost your company when it comes to marketing on the Internet.
While being interviewed at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland some of the questions poised were focusing upon the re-shuffling of the management of Google.  Eric Schmidt, the current CEO and future executive chairman, has recently stated that he did not feel that Facebook would provide competition to Google with their Internet Marketing Strategies.  However he did acknowledge the fact that Microsoft may provide more problems to the company.
These questions have risen due to Mr Schmidt stepping aside from his role as CEO which is being passed on to Larry Page on April 4th 2011.  There is no denying that Facebook is becoming a valuable tool in advertising and SEO marketing, even though this may be denied by the management in question.
Know Your Marketing Options
With so many different corporations trying to obtain your business it can be confusing to decide which ways are the most lucrative and beneficial to you.  This is where it can help to find expert advice from SEOTrafficLab.  We not only know how to help you get the most out of your plans involving the search engine giants Google and their direct competitors, Yahoo and Bing.  Our experts are happy to help you focus on the up and coming and rapidly evolving social networking tools which are proving to be very effective.
Our expertise in online marketing strategies can help you improve a current operation or build your company something from scratch.  We do not keep our methods secret, SEOTrafficLab is happy to personalize our services to your needs.  One of the ways we can help is by offering training to your marketing team to help bring everyone up-to-date on the changes which are constantly being introduced from all of the rivalling companies.
Social networking is becoming increasingly important and many new ways of getting the most from your online presence are being introduced.  To find out more about how we can work together on improving your use of these massive opportunities we provide Social Media for Business services.
To find out more about SEOTrafficLab and our wide range of tailored marketing and advertising services call for free on 0800 84 999 33 or email us at

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