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An industry growing like none other, SEO is fast becoming the world’s marketing necessity. Even local businesses can take advantage of its potential. But with this growth in power and in size comes a growth in complexity. Experts in the field have started to throw around terms like temporal analysis and canonicalization. In fact there are now so many diverse aspects in SEO it’s no surprise that it is viewed upon by the novice as an art of witchcraft.
Granted the search engines do often work in strange ways, but the foundations of SEO are founded in the simplest of principles. What people new to the technique often forget is that it is fundamentally the users and not the search engines that they should be trying to please.
Why users are King
The world’s leading search engines do not develop through their own hyped up egos (contrary to popular belief), no instead they refine their systems through studying their users. Millions if not billions are invested by these search engines into improving the search experience of the world’s searchers. To maximise the amount of searchers using their system they consistently aim to offer the most relevant and informative results.
So, through appreciating this, we can learn that all algorithmic refinements are driven by the user’s needs. You can save a lot of time and headaches in your SEO approach if you consider the user first and the search engine second. In other words cutting out the middle man. It’s also much easier to analyse and adapt for humans than machines!
As a webmaster it is your job to produce a website that boasts both informative and enticing content that is unique in its nature. Consider your target audiences incentives and motives, and then meet their wishes with webpage’s that they would be happy to stumble across. If your website deserves to be in the top 10, in terms of content, it usually will be.
A constant struggle
But producing informative content is not just a one off process. To remain at the top of the SERP’s you need to be regularly updating your content to make it new and authentic. Although not an easy task to keep up with, the replenishment of new and exciting content will win your website everything from credible links to an incredible social reputation.
Here at the SEOTrafficLab we provide our clients with an affordable SEO service that can revolutionise the way their website brings in sales. Striving to reach perfection, our team boast the experience needed to make an SEO strategy work for any targeted market.
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