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One of the most exciting new areas covered and being employed by many businesses recently is the use of Local Search.  This is a relatively new area which is beginning to grow more important, especially for the smaller sized businesses in the UK.  If you are looking to improve your relationship with people in your own area then this is an area of SEO that is bound to help.

Search Engines Love to Get Users in Touch with Local Services

Bing, Google and Yahoo have all been working to improve the way that their search engines work and increase the chances of users finding businesses which are local to them the idea of local search was introduced a few years ago, and in the last few months this has been focused on more readily.  Local SEO is now helping companies to be found globally and locally using various methods in your campaigns.

Strengthen Your Local Visibility and Find Yourself on the First Page of the SERPS

One reason that local search is preferred by smaller businesses is because it is slightly easier to be found using local search.  You will find that you have less competition especially from the larger chains and dominating businesses which often claim the top spots in the SERPS.

There are several methods that your your local SEO campaigns can  implement in order to grow your company organically.  These can be done while focusing on a more national or international campaign and the same techniques will be able to focus on all angles of your marketing plan.  By focusing on both it is possible to take charge of the SERPS and give your competition a run for their money.

What’s involved?

When you work on your campaigns you need to do some work analysing your website.  This will show any areas which are not going to satisfy the search engines.  From these results you can then tailor your campaign so that it is designed purely for your business.

Local search accounts should be made on all of the search engines, not just Goggle.  Keywords which are relevant for your business should be used to optimise all of your web content, listings, advertisements, press releases and articles.  Local SEO should be used to get you ranking highly on the SERPS and as a result you will find more customers and find your place in your local community.

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