While it may seem that many large e-commerce companies have limitless amounts of marketing budget, there are many e-commerce strategies that will make your small to medium business significantly more competitive online. Marketing online has become a more level playing field as  small and medium sized businesses now have access to many of the same resources, and can respond quicker to waves of creativity within the organisation.Here are 5 points that should be part of your overall marketing strategy when taking on the big players within your e-commerce space:

1. Reward loyalty

Encourage customer loyalty to keep customers coming back to your site by creating a rewards program. Within your e-commerce site you can offer rewards or discounts such as offering a discount when they buy a pre-determined total of products. If you have done your research on what customers like to buy, you can offer them exclusive sales on related items to provide more incentive to buy.

2. Market specialised merchandise

Consider selling select or specialized merchandise that you know your target demographic will buy. After researching what customers are likely to buy, you can continue to find and bring in more of these niche products.

3. Create shareable content

For businesses competing online, creating content that is shareable is important in keeping yourself apart from the competition. Write entertaining or humorous product descriptions. Customers respond positively to dynamic video like photos and videos, which can be useful in showing your products in visually appealing and memorable ways. You can also frequently add new content and products in order to stay relevant and current in the minds of customers.

4. Spread the word

Through communicating your customers about your new products or promotions, you can develop relationships that can result in more conversions. Spread the word about your ecommerce marketplace by sending out email newsletters or posting about on your social media pages.

5. Set up a user-friendly website

Create an ecommerce site that customers will want to visit again and again by making it user-friendly. Structure your site’s navigation to make it easy to narrow down products by category so customers find what they want.

You can keep yourself in the game by engaging an effective e-commerce strategy. Through strategies like reaching out to your target consumers with specialized products and creating shareable content, you will level the playing field in competing head to head with larger merchants.