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Beware: Audacious Attempt at Breaking Bad Links Ahead!

Breaking Bad Ecommerce
Breaking Bad came to our screens back in 2008 and over the last 5 years the show has developed a Cult Status, with many viewers claiming the show to be the greatest use of the television box yet. In a nutshell, the show focuses around Walter White (played by Brian Cranston), a 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and cannot afford his spiraling health care costs. Walt reluctantly turns to the production of narcotics, with the aid of his troublesome sidekick Jessie, to provide for his growing family. Chaos ensues for the next 4 seasons.
Regardless of Walt’s motives his actions are morally reprehensible and it takes a small leap of assumption to predict that Walt will at some point have to pay the price for his life choices. On a lighter note, and for the purpose of this blog, Walter White should probably have chosen the field of Ecommerce and Online Marketing, over narcotics, as Walter showed several characteristics that are important in the ecommerce and online marketing world that business owners need to develop to stay ahead of the competition. Here are 3 Reason Why Walter White’s Ecommerce Store Would be an unprecedented success:

Process, Science and a Structured Methodology
Walter White, or Heisenburg to the more familiar, believed in the process. His process was based on numbers, facts and absolutely no guess work involved.  This process has a distinct similarity to Search Marketing. Although Search Marketing now calls for an increasingly creative skillset, there should be a process behind this, no guesswork and absolutely no shortcuts. If you stick to the process of a long term strategy you are already building up momentum on the right track. On a daily basis we see ecommerce stores that have previously cut corners and inevitably receive some form of penalty. Your 97% pure blue crystal = your online resource, should be built on strong foundations and not look for a short term fix. If you need quick wins, choose Adwords. Shortcuts deliver an inferior product in any walk of life.
Absolutely not. I respect the chemistry. The chemistry must be respected. I respect the strategy. – Walter White


Professionals At Every Level

Walter’s rise to the top of his underworld industry grew from knowing that he couldn’t do it all alone. Walter’s skillset lied in Science and Numbers and throughout the 4 seasons of Breaking Bad “Outsourced” certain elements of his business, employing a Professional at every level.
“Let’s get something straight. This – the chemistry – is my realm. I am in charge of the cooking. Out there on the street, you deal with that.” – Walter White
The idea of employing a professional at every level ties in eerily with E-commerce stores and their varying degrees of success. An “expert” in Adwords may not have the first idea how to organically increase traffic and conversion to an ecommerce store. Walt knew his skill set didn’t originally lie in sales (neither did jesse’s for that matter!). Knowing what you know is important but knowing what you don’t know is just as important. Actively find an e-commerce professional who can help in the specific disciplines that you may not understand, have time to understand or even choose to understand.

Will Not Settle For An Inferior Product

Walt had a burning Desire for Quality, and this is a quality that should be front and centre of your ecommerce strategy.
Aim to build an ecommerce store, an information resource, an online brand. Build something unique that the competition could not get anywhere near. Your 97% pure blue crystal is the online resource that you can continue to build upon and showcase the market leading shop window for your products.
Finally, I leave you with. Can the same be said of your ecommerce store?
“It is impeccable. It is the purest, most chemically sound product on the market, anywhere.”
Does your ecommerce mantra include a structured process, specialised skillsets and an all-conquering drive for Quality? Are you a Breaking Bad Fan? We would love to discuss any of the points in this blog below…

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