Facebook Marketing: 5 Creative Ways To Market Your Business On Facebook

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With over 1 billion users globally that use Facebook, the social media giant is more than a place for users to post viral cat videos–it’s a powerful tool for business to reach out to their customers and market themselves widespread. Levelling the playing field with social media, Facebook is where small and big businesses alike can increase their brand awareness and their online visibility. Here are 5 creative ways to market your business on Facebook:

1. Show Off the Personality of Your Business

Create a fun and engaging experience on your Facebook business page to give users a reason to keep visiting your page. By establishing a personable sense of brand using social media as a marketing outlet, you’ll inform and charm users at the same time. Go beyond posting updates to your online store, or sharing links on your website. Show off the personality and humour of your brand through your posts and pictures. For example, Virgin Atlantic had over 1,000 likes for a fun post that pictured passengers as Where’s Wally. Making users laugh is a simple way of getting them on your side as well as gaining more “likes” and page shares.

2. Converse With Customers Using Your Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook page for your business means more than simply promoting your products or services. It’s about starting a conversation with customers. Mirror what what content is trending then market to your audience in order to appeal to what they want–whether this is more images or video to engage them. 

Ask users questions on your page.

When users give comments or ask questions on your business page, start a conversation with them, a speedy response is preferable but whatever you don’t ignore them.

3. Buy Ads that Target Your Audience

By buying ads on Facebook, you can increase the amount of likes and followers for your brand, increasing your online presence. When buying ads that are displayed on the sidebar of users’   News Feeds as well as in the form of sponsored stories, businesses have the choice of buying ads based on the location, age and gender of their target audience on Facebook. Depending on your selected bid and budget, your estimated audience size could be in the millions. When you first set up an ad, you are asked what would you like to do, including getting more likes for your page. Not only can you use these ads to receive more likes and followers, but you can also encourage users to go your website or view selected products and you can learn more about this here.

4. Use Facebook Promoted Page Posts

Another option when buying ads is promoting page posts. You can select a specific post that you think will be popular or relevant to your targeted audience and promote it on their News Feeds. By creating status updates based on ads that show up on user News Feeds, it’s hard for them to ignore your ads as they scroll down to read updates. With higher visibility using promoted page posts, new likes have a higher chance of landing on their friends’ feeds.

5. Create Multiple Test AdsFacebook Ads

As marketing professionals know, adverts can either be hit or miss. However, by creating multiple versions of the same ad, you have a better chance of gaining the attention of the different individuals that make up your targeted demographic. When running your campaign, you can use Facebook to test different versions of your ad–using one as a control–in order to measure the performance of your ads and highlight the most successful ones to use to have the most impact.

Advertising is all about creativity. Flex your creativity using your Facebook business page to engage people.

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