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But Employers Don’t like Staff using it at Work

According to the Wall Street Journal approximately seven out of ten small businesses believe that social media and SEO has become very important to their business.  However not all the small firms enjoy working on all platforms, and some are much more popular than others.  All of them are worth using, but some have more benefits than others.  SEO UK understands the benefits of using social media and it appears that the small businesses are recognising these, perhaps more so than big businesses.

Highest Ranking Social Media Sites

A recent report interviewed over two thousand five hundred businesses with less than one thousand employees.  The results showed that the most highly rated of the social media websites was the big player Facebook which was followed by Twitter and then LinkedIn.  Blog sites and the video giant YouTube came in the middle, Groupon just below and MySpace was positioned at the bottom.

Where MySpace once ruled, Facebook and Twitter have well and truly stolen their lime light. Consumers have lost interest in the site and it is primarily used by musicians and public figures rather than businesses as a whole.

Great for Small Businesses

Social media seems to be favoured by small businesses simply because they are able to dominate the platform easily.  Larger companies are not able to keep up with the changes as easily as start-ups and smaller firms. A SEO company can be contracted to help small firms begin and monitor their SEO campaigns using social media to their advantage.  It is flexible and versatile and according to the Wall Street Journal report, younger firms seem to be able to grasp the concepts and roll with the changes a lot easier.

Employers Banned from the Much Loved Social Media

Ironically nearly half of UK businesses have banned their employees from accessing these sites using the company computers.  It seems that firms want to keep business and pleasure separated, despite networking being reported as good for morale and actually improves productivity.   Companies seemed to be concerned that employees may be giving out private information or bad mouthing their company.  And in light of the recent court cases’ regarding illegal tweeting it seems that they are not happy to take these risks.

Managing Social Media for Business

Hiring a SEO Company to manage your business social media can help stop employees from being distracted on the sites, which is another major concern of bosses in the UK.  Social media in SEO UK Strategies takes time to organise and run, and needs dedication to keep the content fresh, which is open for all your customers, potential consumers, colleagues, the media and rivals to view.

Social Media plays an important part in SEO UK. Search engine algorithms are recognising the value in this area of advertising and marketing.  Facebook ‘likes’ and Tweets on Twitter can and do boost your rankings and help to have you company placing high up in the SERPS, and play a big part in keeping you there.  Call 0800 84 999 33 to find out more about social media management from a reliable UK based SEO company.

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