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If you prowl around on the Internet looking for SEO related material, it won’t take you too long to find blog posts where someone is complaining about their SEO not working. This is a common problem when businesses attempt to create their own SEO campaign by using free information, from blogs such as ours, and very little in-depth knowledge.

Besides not using all the know how which is provided by a SEO company, the D.I.Y optimisers often expect to see results almost instantaneously. A further issue is that the website may reach the first page of the SERPS, but keeping it there is an on-going battle. SEO in the UK cannot be achieved without hours of dedication and a campaign which is built to progress and evolve. Think of it like your business, an idea is turned into a plan, which needs constant effort and hard work in order to progress.

Simple SEO Tips to help you

If you are adamant that you would like to work on your own optimisation campaign then you will need all the advice you can get.  A good idea is to request training directly from a SEO company.  The training will provide you with the skills which are implemented by the experts.  Training often involves travelling to the offices of your SEO Company and is designed to be very hands on.

Once your training is complete you should have been provided with the knowledge of how to optimise your website, be able to build your own links and understand the purposes and given everything you need to help you to improve your search engine ranks.

Create Enough Time

SEO needs working on, a lot.  You will need to free up enough time in your working day, or dedicate several hours from outside office hours to build a successful marketing campaign.  If you have marketing staff, you might need to delegate certain aspects of SEO between your employees to relieve some of the pressure.

Think of each part of your total SEO plan, from working on your website to producing frequent written content to use in press releases, article marketing, newsletters, emails and blog posts.  Then you will need to consider who will be responsible for:

  • Paid Advertising
  •  Directory Listings
  •  Back Linking
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking

Analyse Every Aspect of your SEO UK Campaign

Finally in order to closely monitor which parts of your entire SEO  Campaign are working, and which aren’t, you will have to master using analysis tools.  All aspects of SEO can be analysed so spend time getting to grips with all the webmaster tools which are available.

The three major search engines will have their own tool pages to use, and you may have separate webmaster tools. The social media sites will provide you with insights into the success of your profiles and each individual post you make.  Remember SEO is about organically finding your ranking in the SERPS; nothing will happen overnight, it takes time.

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