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Just under a month ago we launched our 2 week mini internship where we were on the hunt for 3 graduates to join our growing PPC department. On Monday 28th September, 8 graduates came into the office and were all very excited to start their 2 week adventure. 

Over the 2 weeks, the graduates shadowed some of the team in client meetings, learnt how to make Google and Facebook ad campaigns and handle a crisis email from a client. Whilst learning a lot from the team, the graduates were also studying hard for their Google Search exam, which they all passed! 

In the second week, we asked them to choose a dream client out of Beauty Boulevard, APSS and Lincolnshire Co-op Travel and then create a Facebook campaign for the client. It’s safe to say that after hearing the presentations, the team were blown away and it had definitely made the decision harder! 

2 weeks passed, and we had made the decision on who to hire as our new Digital Marketing Executives. We think the video below created by Ben was a great way of announcing our chosen 3. 

We were all so excited for Sophie, Sarah and Sadie to join the team. As part of their role, they will be assisting with Google Shopping management, Search Ads and Facebook Ads management. 

The three S’s as we are now calling them, have been with the company for just over a week, so we decided to ask them a couple of questions so you can all get to know them. 

What did you enjoy most about your 2-week mini internship?

Sadie: I enjoyed meeting everyone and learning so many new skills.

Sophie: I most enjoyed preparing and performing my Facebook campaign pitch for a prospective client. It was so much fun being able to take the reins on creating my own Facebook adverts and although I was initially nervous, I loved pitching in front of everybody! 

Sarah: I loved the fact that I was able to learn so much in the space of two weeks and came out of the internship with an extra qualification. It was also great meeting so many passionate and like-minded people.

What are you looking forward to learning about? 

Sadie: How to make creative ads to engage audiences and how to do pitches.

Sophie: I’m most excited about learning how to make successful Facebook campaigns for clients!

Sarah: I really enjoyed coming up with ideas for the Facebook Ads campaign pitch in the internship so I’m excited to be able to actually work on a real campaign from start to finish.

What tip would you give a business wanting to start PPC? 

Sadie: Do your research and see what competitors are doing. 

Sophie: I would say you first need to think about what your goals are as a business and what you aim to get from PPC. You will also need to think about your time, budget, and resources to make sure it’s right for you. 

Sarah: Think about your target audience and which platforms they’re likely to use most. That way your ads are more likely to be seen by the right people.

Who would be your dream client to work with?

Sadie: The White Company. 

Sophie: I love to travel so any travel organisation would be great, probably Lincolnshire Co-op travel. 

Sarah: Candy Kittens

What’s your favourite cocktail and why?

Sadie: Anything Fruity and Instagram worthy, because they taste good and do you really have a good cocktail if you didn’t post it somewhere online. 

Sophie: APEROL SPRITZ! I am obsessed with this because I always have it on holiday so it reminds me of good, warmer times.

Sarah: Pornstar Martini because it’s absolutely delicious

We are all super excited to see what amazing work Sophie, Sarah and Sadie carry out for our clients. Roll on our next mini-internship in 2021! 

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