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Waking up early on a lovely, sunny Monday morning, getting dressed and driving to my new job at #TheLab were together some of the most exciting components for my first day as Marketing Manager at SEO Traffic Lab. Here I am 10 days later with a little insight into what it is that I have been keeping myself busy with and what everyone else has been up to in #TheLab.
The first day started with the usual activities, getting shown your desk, given all your login details and being given a tour. Firstly, my desk had two screens, that in itself gave me an incentive to make sure I was always working and they were both in use at all times. The buzz around the office kept me excited for what more there was to come in the future for not just me but for SEO Traffic Lab. Everyone is busy typing away on their computers, speaking with clients and making sure we are always working our hardest for the business but FullSizeRenderalso for ourselves to make sure people are fully
aware of the fantastic, innovative and inspiring work we do on a daily basis. The bookshelves are stacked out with every book worth reading to do with digital marketing, pitches being prepared for and websites being developed I already felt like this would be a fantastic place to work. I sat myself down with my two screens and decided to start learning, engulfing myself in everything SEO Traffic Lab. By the time it was home time I was excited, enthused and really looking forward to making a difference and helping others fall in love with the fantastic work #TheLab consistently produces.
As day two arrived, I sprang out of bed and was sat at my desk ready to go within what felt like a matter of minutes. With a pitch around the corner for a company that was similar to my background I was asked to look into and think of any ideas that I may have for how we could benefit their future plans. With my mind going at 100mph with ideas for the pitch, ideas for #TheLab, even what I was going to write about on the social media platforms, I started concentrating on the pitch. I was already, on the second day, able to use my initiative to think of areas for a potential new client, after delivering these and having a big de-brief with Mr CEO – Richard, I was able to put some of my ideas forward. Going into depth of the 101 ideas that I had already come up with, realistically he helped me think about how these would work, when they would work and what I should focus and prioritise for the time being.
The rest of the team were working on an array of clients’ portfolios, from improving the way they stand out on search engines, to looking into how they can create a better website for their brand and even to making sure they are positioned and have ammunition available across social media platforms. I spent a fair bit of time on my first day on Google, not just because we are Google Partners but because I had to find out what some of these acronyms were that kept being dropped into conversations.
For the rest of the week I was given a main area of focus this was to re-create and establish a web page that we use to promote an event on the 19th May – if you are not yet aware of this event please head to
labliveThis included completely revamping the previous year’s website, which ranged from updating the colours and the logo to writing stimulating content to attract up to 40 guests. #LabLive gives those who are slightly time stricken, the opportunity to learn and understand how to make the most of the available platforms, in a full day workshop ran by our Founder at our Penthouse location. The event is open to anyone from any business or sector, giving us the opportunity to share the vast knowledge our management team has with those who find the world of digital marketing intimidating. I spent a day learning all about the event from previous years, then how to make sure the webpage and the information was attractive enough for the visitors to want to buy tickets.
By Friday it was ready to go, the rest of the team had got their heads down for some big opportunities in the not too distant future, and many were trying to find the time to become HubSpot certified like our very own Head of SEO & Data Insights – Andy had become at the beginning of the week. We celebrated a birthday for our Web Developer – Graham as well on the Thursday with some cake, it is all go and I love it. I was even smiling and singing, screeching, on my drive home that Friday night.
I had spent my weekend filling my boots with ideas as a result of reading one of the dozen books I was recommended to have a look at if I had time. Brimming with thoughts of content that I could produce, events we could attend and awards I wanted us to win, I sat down at my desk, and launched the website for #LabLive. With feedback from the team it seemed to have gone down well, I focused next on my ideas for my next challenge. I was handed over all the details for the social media accounts, this was a major focus area of my role as Marketing Manager as they were mismatched and sometimes not used to their best ability.
On the Tuesday Jodie – Head of Ops, Operations not like Black Ops, and Mr CEO – Richard headed to Wales for the big pitch, it was a big day out with positive sounding results and we will update you as soon as we know more. In the office we were preparing for my first event which was to be the Nottingham Business Expo at the Motorpoint Arena. This gave me the opportunity to practise what I had learnt so far, take in what other companies of a similar nature had to offer and show my strongwoman skills by helping to put up our stand. On Thursday the 5:30am alarm was promptly snoozed but to no avail I was up and started travelling at 6:30 to pick up Phoebe, one of our apprentices who has been at #TheLab since June. Once we arrived at the Arena, we were hopeful we would be greeted by the stand already being built and the smile of Arnie – our Business Development Manager, this was unfortunately not the case, they wereimage4 still in their bags and he was no-where to be seen.
We promptly set up the stand ready for the day, and found the free coffee machine ready to chat to the wide variety of businesses at the expo. As we walked around and spoke to the different array of businesses and how we think we could help them, our recommendations were met with freebies and sweets. As the day drew to a close, the competition winners were announced and we won, not one but two bottles of Champagne, so a special thank you to Hardy Signs & HSBC.
Whilst the three of us were busy at Nottingham speaking to prospective new clients, Mr CEO – Richard was at GoogleHQ with Robert Craven who has written a book all about how to grow your digital agency. Whilst at GoogleHQ, Richard discovered that out of 30,000 agencies we have been picked as one of the 30 leading Google Partner agencies across the UK. What an incredible achievement for #TheLab and cements even more how innovative and inspiring the work that SEO Traffic Lab does. What a time to be working at #TheLab. Keep an eye out for more on our fantastic achievement as a Google Top 30 Growth Agency because there is going to be much more to come as a result of this award.
The team have had a busy and hard working week, Graham our web developer had his first site in #TheLab go live on Thursday, our apprentices Ben & Hannah were creating some fantastic descriptions for some interesting, rude sounding products whilst Jodie & Andy have been producing content on brand new platforms and making sure the clients are making the most of their digital marketing. As the week came to Friday again, my first fortnight was over and I have honestly enjoyed every minute, from completely new experiences like the Expo, to being left to my own devices and using my own initiative to produce the website and launch one of our fantastic events. Did I mention the bacon butties on Fridays, the infinite HobNobs and coffees and the fact I have two screens so I always look busy?
If you want to be like me and come and work at a digital agency that is only going to get better we do still have a few vacancies, take a look at our careers page

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