Geology and Blogs Collide

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Having potentially explosive content in a blog can lead to dynamic results.  Although geology has very little to do with SEO marketing strategies, having excellent and frequently updated content can lead to explosive results.  This type of marketing technique can be easy to implement, providing you have the time and workforce to put the plan into action.  And if you don’t, our experts from SEOTrafficLab can help.

The Volcanic Blog

According to the Clickz Marketing News, it can be helpful to think of your blog as a volcano when it comes to its visibility.  The content which you create starts from the internal source in a similar way that lava flows from the magma chamber.  The speed and strength that the magma erupts then determines the size of the mountain.  A larger chamber results in more magma, and a more explosive volcano is the result which is very hard to ignore.

So what has this got to do with a blog?

If you have a large amount of content which can be used to frequently update your blog then soon you will create a blog which can be easily seen.  As the content is released, the blog grows larger and larger, and this in turn helps you to be noticed by the search engines.  All of this content works to bring you greater amounts of traffic and more business.

How can you relate this to your blog?

Search engines love blogs; they can be powerful SEO tools which can help to boost your online presence.  Blogs however do need to be constantly active to become valuable tools.  You need to have a constant supply of content which can is related to your company or line of business.  Google algorithms have changed recently and they are cutting down on allowing spam content to be counting in their ranking system.  It is therefore more important than ever to pay attention to the content which you are publishing.
Spending time on your blog can be challenging and this is where SEOTrafficLab can be of assistance using our trusted blog management service.  We pay attention to all of the changes in search engines and marketing methods to make sure that your company is receiving the latest methods and techniques to optimize your full online presence.

SEOTrafficLab uses blog management to help Increase the power of your company

Our SEO experts are able to work with you to make sure your blog is full of relevant and top quality content.  We understand that to encourage visitors to your blog repeatedly you need to keep the content fresh.  We will optimize the blog to attract your target audience which will help to turn visitors into customers. 
Our in house content management service will optimise your blog to make sure it is performing well in the SERPs and Social media platforms.  SEOTrafficLab can create a blog from scratch which will compliment your website.  The blog is a living and breathing part of your site where other parts remain static.  It is the frequent new content which will keep visitors finding you among the competition. 
To enquire about our blog management and other SEO services contact our experts on 0800 84 999 33 or email us at

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