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I want to speak to you about Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, and exactly what this means for businesses.  The concept of Enhanced Campaigns was launched a few weeks ago and  now that the smoke has settled it’s time to really look at how it is going to work practically for your business.
So Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns is the context of a search. Think of mobile as more of the way we’re searching and not just the device that are actually being used. So the context of your search is now as important as the query itself. Google AdWords is thinking about what was the intention of the search.
Now, the context of the search is broken down into three things, which is your device, where you’re actually searching from, on what device you’re searching. The location, so where are you searching from? Are you near the location of the advertiser? Thirdly time of day, What time are you actually searching? So it’s not just the query itself.  The enhanced campaigns, what Google say,  is that it allows you to reach people in the “moments that matter,”. Their words, not mine. So how will it work, practically?
Now, I’ve recently written a blog looking in-depth at how this is going to work. Please do look at that for a lot more detail. But I just want to go over that now quite quickly. And it’s all about being able to modify your bids based on these three variables, which is your device, your location, and the time.  If we take, for example, a search quite close to our own heart here at SEO Traffic Lab, which will be ribs in Lincoln, quite local to us. This particular search has no search volume so it’s just hypothetically. But if an advertiser, let’s say a meat-based company selling meat, wanting to advertise in the local area, ribs in Lincoln, for example, what they could now do is target somebody “in that moment” who is searching for meat.
Now, let’s say, one of these companies raised the bid by 10% if it was on mobile. So let’s say, two companies are bidding for the same, you can now raise that bid based on mobiles from the place on the AdWords. You can raise your bid based on the locations. You can raise that, for example, under the 10%, and also the time in which that search took place.
So, for example, from there, you could raise the bid by about 30%.  Our blog on Enhanced Campaigns refers to the mechanics of this  and how that’s worked out. But the whole idea of this is being able to target people further down the buying cycle or have that buying intention in that particular moment. The really important thing that you have to do is just work out how much a lead is worth to you, at what point when you’re bidding on it does it become unprofitable to bid for it.  If it makes sense to bid more mobile or a certain time or in a certain place, it’s local to you; if that makes sense, do that. But obviously, if that lead is costing you more than the sale, you want to decrease your bid. That’s something to potentially look out.
So over the last couple of weeks since Enhanced Campaign has been introduced, there’s been a lot of opinion and talk about how this is going actually work, and the “for and against” arguments for this. Some of the “for” arguments is that it’s easy or easier for beginners to now manage mobile devices and bidding on that instead of managing across or before you managed it at an adequate level, it can now be managed across the campaign. So it’s much easier if you are entry level in regards to AdWords. The whole concept of the mobile is much easier to get into.
On the downside, if you had done it before, previously with the old way, you are going to have to strip out the campaigns and now change that. Tablet and laptops have now being put together as one. Advertisers had taken advantage of advertising on tablets as it had certain nuances and ways of benefiting from tablets. That obviously doesnt exist anymore because tablets and desktop are as one. And for potentially against, I just wanted to read out a quote from a Google spokesperson and what they said on the introduction of this.
This is from Sridhar Ramaswamy, the Google senior vice president of engineering. He said, “How would we design AdWords if we could do it from scratch based on how the world exists as opposed to how we evolved to this?”
And that’s a great quote and a great philosophy from Google. It does allow them to monetizing another stream of their business. Google Shopping has just been done. And now, they’re looking further to potentially monetize AdWords a little bit more.
So what do you need to do on the back of enhanced campaigns? How is this going to change? The first thing you need to do is not to panic. This isn’t being introduced fully for a couple of months. Some other advertisers do have it, but it’s kind of a beta stage. If you do change everything now, it’s probably going to have a negative effect. So wait until it is fully launched.
On the other hand, if you think that this isn’t going to affect you as don’t have anything to do with mobile search, and the changes aren’t going to make any difference to you; you couldn’t be more wrong because from now on, mobile, is going to be one of the devices that is added to your campaign as default. What you need to do and some advice that you should really take heed of is that if you don’t plan on using mobile or it isn’t part of your marketing strategy, reduce the bid because as of the full launch, mobile is going to be a default device. Reduce the bid, so you aren’t going to show.
So my name is Chris from SEO Traffic Lab. If you have any questions or opinions on Google AdWords, in particular, Enhanced Campaigns, then please leave a message below and I’ll get back to you straight away. Thank you.

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