Google Launches Voice Search Technology

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SEO Keywords Still Worth their Weight in Gold

Seo worth weight in goldResearching the keywords and key phrases which are perfect for your business is just as important as ever. As new technology enters our daily online lives the use of keywords is still a vital job performed in UK SEO, and all over the world. Even as the technology increases for both mobile and desktop search you will still need to ensure that your keywords are kept current if you wish to conquer the search engine results pages.

Google Introduces Google Instant

In the Google blog today a post went into great detail giving all the details of their latest way of improving search.  Google Instant is using voice recognition technology, which has been used on mobile phones for some time.

The search engine giant went on to discuss how quickly search traffic from mobile phones has grown over just the last couple of years, and this is an area which doesn’t seem to be slowing down. To tap into this niche you will need to make sure that your website is mobile compatible and also optimised for other search engines, as Bing comes already installed on the Windows 7 phones.  Google is still managing to be a major player in mobile search which is partly down to their voice recognition service.

Users of mobiles simply need to say the keyword or phrase and a results page will appear.  Now Google have decided to offer this service to desktop users through Google Chrome. Bing is also doing a similar thing as they will be offering voice search through Xbox 360’s Kinect, which is aiming to turn the games console into an all-round entertainment system.

So what does this mean for the future of keywords and SEO?

Keywords remain an integral part of an UK SEO campaign.  Your SEO Company will spend a significant amount of time researching what phrases and terms are used by people trying to find your services online.  These will then be used in various places such as in your Meta tags, within the written content of your web pages and for article marketing purposes.  The keywords are also integrated into directory listings and paid searched so you can see the value that is held in just a few simple words.

As search continues to evolve it is clear that speaking keywords will become more widely used, perhaps more so in the younger generations who are more comfortable with playing with new technology.  Keywords may be spoken differently compared with typing so a certain amount of research will need to be done in this area, especially if you are targeting a mobile audience in particular with your SEO.


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