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SEO turned another corner this month as Google added ‘Brand Stacking’ to their algorithm. The tweaked technology can now list several pages from the same website in just one search query. Many online marketers have claimed this to be “unethical” and “unfair” to searchers. The new system may push your results further down the page as the larger brands take dominance with a stacked listing. However this Domain Stacking feature may have some significant benefits for you and your brand thanks to its protection of reputation.
If a searcher queries your brand name and receives links to multiple parts of your website it’s less likely that your negative feedback will appear. If you have an angry customer who has unleashed hell upon one of your pages, the domain may be appearing when your brand is searched for. Google’s new Brand Stacking can help in solving this problem by burying your negative feedback into the later pages of the search. If your brand is very similar to a popular search term you can also enjoy the abolishment of rival companies. Your stacked results will knock them out of the top 10 positions with your WebPages holding more relevance than theirs.
My brand doesn’t seem to be receiving stacked results?
The new technology will not automatically apply itself to every website. Your company must meet certain criteria to be deemed worthy of this stacking feature. Here at the seotrafficlab we have thoroughly researched the technology and understand what is needed to enjoy these stacked results. With Google refusing to talk about the subject, we are one of very few companies who can help in the application of this technology to your brand. We have learnt the following things:
Only certain pages of your website can enjoy the technology:  If you use the in url search operator ([brand name], the first page of results should reveal 10 of your pages. These are the pages that need to be worked on to get stacked results. Our team would increase the connectivity of these pages throughout your site to ensure they are highlighted out to Google’s technology.
Brand only stacked results is rare: Research has informed our team that very few brands can enjoy stacked results for just brand name searches. Here at the seotrafficlab we understand this, and would focus our time around other more specific searches for the services of your brand – this greatly increases your chances of receiving stacked results.
The need to be painfully obvious: Google, despite its brilliance, only works off of a machine and is not human! The search engine applies brand stacking to the queries and websites that are clearly heavily related. If somebody searches ‘yourbrandname support’ your website will only be stacked if you have a clearly named support page with a simple support URL.
Our team have years of experience in the world of SEO and can tackle the industries developments as and when they arrive. Brand stacking is a new technology that our team can utilise to offer an enhanced management of reputation for your brand.
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