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Page 3 of Google it is then!

A great looking website that can make a hole in your marketing budget, the size of a Southern European country bordering Albania, can be nothing short of invisible if your website isn’t competing to be seen by your target market. Let me explain…

SEO Nightmare

Everybody knows that the king, queen and everything in between of Search Engine’s, on a worldwide scale, is Google. (As of January 2012  Google, the worlds trusted search engine, were responsible for 66.2% of all online searches), however, this does little to tell us about our habits whilst searching with Google, other than it is our weapon of choice. Our search query habits go much deeper and figures announced by comScore show exactly how we currently use Google. The figures show the real importance of ranking on the very early pages of Google for your relevant keywords. Whether we are looking to “do” (transactional queries), “know” (informational queries), or “go” (navigational queries(, the simple conclusions that we should make are that we generally find what we want with our search terms and have no reason to go any further down the page.

  1. The first ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic.
  2. The second position receives 11.94%
  3. Third position on the first page obtains 8.47%
  4. The fourth placed position on page one receives 6.05%
  5. The others on the first page are under 5% of click through traffic
  6. The first ten results (page one ) received 89.71% of all click-through traffic,
  7. The next 10 results (normally listed on the second page of results) received 4.37%
  8. Third page receives a total  of 2.42 %
  9. The fifth page receives a total of only 1.07%
  10. All other pages of results received less than 1% of total search traffic clicks.



 Another factor that is crucial, as well as the importance of an interactive SEO UK strategy, is the need for relevant keywords. This appears obvious to most however companies do get this wrong. To rank no1 for a term such as “pink and gold glass wooden corner unit” is all well and good if this is your exact specialism but it is highly unlikely that it is going to bring enough customers to your site to consider your business an e-commerce success, let alone pay the electricity bill. Aim to find keywords using Google Adwords that are relevant to the products or services you offer, even if the keywords are slightly longer tail than your immediately choice.

As a business, you don’t have to be no.1, no.2 or even no.3 on Google for potential customers to find you. For some search keyword terms it is just too competitive or backed by superior corporation muscle. It is however crucial to understand that the chances of your already costly website being seen are heavily reduced to the point of obscurity after the second unfruitful page of Google. The only question a business really needs to ask of itself is, does the extra revenue of an E-commerce SEO strategy outway the cost?


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