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In this post we are going to take a look at 3 Actinic and Sellerdeck websites that are using their design and aesthetics to make a real impact on their potential customers.

As an online consumer, quite often in buying mode, if I arrive at an e-commerce site, which I haven’t come across before one of the key things that are important to me/not-yet-a-customer is, the aesthetics and general feel of a site. The aesthetics, which encompasses design, colour and look is one of the key aspects to showcasing your business as current. If a website appears out-of-date the connotation of “are these guys still trading” or  “will I actually get my Harry Potter wand?” does little to pull me away from the grasps of Amazon and Ebay. From the trendy text, which is consistent throughout, to the vibrant colours, this Actinic site is visually appealing. The company may sell stylish products but the use of layout, colour (especially the black), bordering and space make the brand even more contemporary.

95 Percent Shop When you have a sale on, promote it! What Peacock Blue Home does well is showcase the price tags with a percentage off e.g 20%, 30%, 50%. A visitor’s eye is drawn to the area where value is to be had! The emotive colour for a sale is Red which Peacock Blue use to great effect also. Products are on display, branding is consistent and for a certain demographic, this homepage highlights a lifestyle, as oppose to cushions!

Peacock Blue Home All I wanted was a padlock now I’m thinking about changing every lock in my house! In all seriousness, this Actinic e-commerce site is fresh and looks even better in the flesh. Branding is strong throughout and there is a clear grasp of usability. Any visitor to this site can easily navigate to the bold sub-categories. The “exclusive” paint splatter in the main banner icon gives a very current and “in-the-know” feel.

Lock-Shop Warehouse

Although there are design elements in each of the 3 Actinic e-commerce sites that are different and use design to different effects, the message is clear from all three. There are very current themes and designs to optimise any Actinic site, which can truly invigorate an online business and completely disregard any fear of authenticity that the now very-close-to-buying visitor may have had whilst previously visiting any other uneasy-on-the-eye shopping platforms.

Do you have any favorite Actinic or SellerDeck sites that have awesome design, please leave me a comment below with your favorite ?

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