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I work as a Digital Marketing Executive here at SEO Traffic Lab. There are many aspects to my job, such as blog writing, creating Facebook Ads and planning webinars. However, my main task is managing and implementing our clients’ Google Ad campaigns. 

I am proud of my organised nature. I thrive on deadlines. This bodes well in my job role, as it is important to keep multiple clients happy and their accounts running smoothly at all times.

This blog is going to discuss how I manage my role, my account management routine to ensure great results and the importance of a work life balance.

Friday Afternoon Tasks:

There are two things I religiously make sure I do every Friday before I shut down my computer and enjoy the weekend. 

Number 1: I check on all of the accounts I have responsibilities for and any of the work I have done within that account recently. This gives me the opportunity to ensure any of the changes I have done are having a positive effect on the account and I can rectify any issues prior to the weekend.

Number 2: I use Google Calendar to plan out the next week. This helps me feel motivated and allows me to not worry about an unanticipated workload come Monday morning. 

My biggest tip has to be to always leave some space. Do not cram your diary full on a Friday evening. Ensure all of your priorities and meetings are in place, but bear in mind not all the team may sort their diaries out on a Friday and after the weekend you may notice some accounts that need extra attention, so allow time for these unexpected tasks if possible to avoid stress.

I also like to use my calendar to base my to-do lists off. I write these down and keep on my desk; there is something immensely satisfying and encouraging to me about crossing off your list throughout the day.

Monday Morning Tasks:

KPI Checks (Key performance indicators) is my first task on a Monday morning.

It can be a slightly lengthy process, especially if you have lots of accounts to manage. However, it really is a great way to see how the accounts are performing. It can then help you decide which accounts need your attention most and what things you need to do within each account. 

You will find out if any Search or Shopping Ads have been disapproved, how many conversions you have had in the last week, and if the account is performing below, at or above their target for spend, Conversion Value and ROAS. 

It’s a great indicator of overall account performance and can also show any problems that may have occurred over the weekend whilst I was off. It is a helpful way to provide the Account Manager with the information they need at a glance. 

Weekly Tasks:

Once you have deciphered how well the account is doing, you can then make the necessary adjustments. Is the account performing way above target and you need to push the high performing campaigns even more? Or if it’s slightly under the target, what areas can you cut back on to get the ROAS back to where it needs to be?

I focus on device adjustments, location adjustments, Ad schedule adjustments, product group adjustments, audience adjustments and keyword adjustments. I would argue that device, product group and keyword are the most important to do on a weekly basis, but they are all important in their own right. 

The overall performance of the account will determine how much you choose to increase and decrease bids and it’s recommended to look at the ideal max CPC and adjust accordingly. I would also say to ensure you look at a range of data over different time periods before making an adjustment, especially with increases.

However, there are some exceptions to this, for example, if an account is overspending quite considerably and not getting the best return then you may want to go in and make some drastic cutbacks on the areas you can see have been high spend but low return recently. 

Extra Tips

Keep the account fresh. If you can see a product is doing well or a client makes you aware of something that they want to push or you’ve done search term research and you can see something that’s selling, create new SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups). You can also do Ad copy reviews where you compare your best performing Ad copy to your other Ads to see if there are any differences and this can help you create more high-quality Ads within the account.

Check out the recommendations in Google Ads. The recommendations can improve the optimisation score in the account and can be things like ‘add in these keywords’ or ‘add these site link extensions’ so they can, in some cases, be beneficial.

This is not something I have done myself but it is something that a lot of the Account Managers at the agency are currently working on. It’s setting up PPC Samurai processes, this helps to automate some of the adjustments within the account. 

We do the majority of the work manually but it is helpful to have software that helps during busy periods or when we’re off at weekends or Christmas. It means the account will still be working hard to get the best ROAS, which is super beneficial for us and our clients, so I would recommend looking into it if you haven’t already.

Keep up to date with your clients. All clients are different, some want weekly meetings, bi-weekly, monthly and some you may struggle to get in contact with but keep sending those emails. 

Ensure you get monthly reports to the clients and make an effort to let the clients know they can contact you with any questions or queries, keeping a positive relationship with clients. Not only does this improve client retention but makes sure you are both clear and working towards the same goal. 

Work life balance:

Just a quick one to end the blog. A successful person in digital marketing does not just work, work and work. That’s what creates burnout. 

Yes, work hard but take your breaks, especially in this strange time of working from our living spaces and make sure you switch off. If you’re doing the job well, a weekend to yourself will not have a negative effect. It will ensure that you will come back to work feeling eager, refreshed and ready to get your accounts flying. 

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