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Social Media and powerful SEO techniques

Whatever your personal feelings about social media networks may be you may be missing out to the competition if you do not already have your business social media profiles up and running. SEO is about optimising your website, and your entire online presence needs to be managed in order to help you achieve all that is possible.

Social Media may have started out for personal enjoyment, but it has quickly developed into a powerful marketing tool which should not be ignored. The behaviour of consumers is constantly changing, and social media has become one of the most important factors which are affecting your potential customers in the modern digital age.

Know Where to Advertise

There are many different social media platforms which are available for businesses. Some of the most powerful tools for SEO purposes include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Setting up a basic profile is free on all of these sites, and free advertising and customer research should never be scoffed at.

These sites have proven that they are not just a craze which will die out. The way people shop and spread their likes and dislikes has been permanently changed. The Internet and mobile Internet now mean that consumers are able to instantly react to businesses, products and services in a matter of seconds. You can reach out to millions of people and have an instant response which can be used to drive sales, perform customer research or simply to send a simple message to attract people to your brand.

Search Engines and Social Media

When it comes to SEO it is hard to avoid the discussion of search engine results pages. Hitting the top spot is the ideal of all businesses who are actively working on improving their SEO methods and marketing techniques. One of the largest search engines is Bing who has quickly made themselves a huge competition for Google. This means that you should be looking at ways to optimise your website for Bing and not just Google.

Bing has recognised the consumers’ desires to share their ‘likes’ on social networks. And in a direct response to this they have decided that ‘likes’ on pages such as fan pages and posts on Facebook will be used to help determine search engine results. The more likes your posts receive, the higher you will be regarded on the SERPs. And this is very interesting news indeed for SEO departments.

Have you Been Working on Your Social Media?

Opening an account on each of these social media websites does not really take too much time. Managing all the sites however does quickly eat into time, and in order to make the most out of your media networking it is essential that you spend time and energy on creating an efficient online presence. Your hard work is rewarded by growing a large fan base, having your own consumers helping you grow and stay in touch with their needs and desires for your brands, and the huge potential of creating more revenue.

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