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It’s been a funny start to the month of August with the news being dominated by the horrendous rioting going on in the borough of Tottenham in London. And once again social media sites have been at the forefront of bringing the news and events as they have been happening with unprecedented coverage across all the networks, and several of them this time catching some of the backlash, most notably Twitter being blamed for actually publicising to the youths were things were happening and causing crowds to swell in already hostile areas.

Now that’s not something I think is right, surely the authorities could have used this social media sites just as proactively in following what was going on in the different areas of the riots and co-ordinated their resources. That said; let’s take a look at what else has been going on in the news of SEO and Search.

Google+ Poised to be the Number Two Social Media Network

According to a recent survey that has been carried out by Bloomberg – YouGov, the new boy on the Social Network block Google+ is on course to overtake other popular networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace within the next 12 months.

Going on as far as to say the following “As Google+ gains followers, it is likely to negatively impact Facebook usage. 30% of Facebook users who already use Google+ plan on cutting down time spent on Facebook this year”.

Google Chrome and Pre-Fetching

Recently Google made an announcement about a feature that is built into its ever more popular Chrome internet browser which caused a few ruffled feathers among the world’s webmasters because there is a possibility it could skew web analytics.

The technology is not new however, how it works is this Chrome begins preloading the first search result when it is confident it has what you are looking for, so when you then click on that result the page loads instantly.

Well as of the end of July Google Analytics isn’t counting pre-rendered pages as visits so the impact on analytics data should not be that significant.

Bing is now powering Yahoo Search Europe

Yep, that’s right as of the 3rd of August Yahoo for Europe which includes the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain are all now being powered by Microsoft’s search engine Bing. At the moment unlike in the US and Canada this is only for the organic listings and not paid search, although Microsoft have said that this will come at a later date when some further testing has been completed, watch this space…….

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