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As well as finishing of the Christmas campaigns for clients we have also started our own, you can find our #TheLab 12 days of Christmas videos on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page. In this week’s Lab Weekly you can find updates to WordPress, Adwords Editor and much more.
WordPress 4.7
WordPress 4.7 is now available for users to download through their dashboard, they have made some changes with new customisation features, smart menu, Video headers and more. With the new year just a few weeks away they have also altered their theme to allow for a new look and feel.
Here’s whats changed;
An all new customisation experience which allows for quick editing with the new shortcut sidebar which will show you some quick editing options, this offers the user the opportunity to edit things right there on the spot without having to navigate through the menus. The way users setup themes has been redone, themes now have placeholder content that appears when in customisation mode.
Smart menu building, this new way of setting up menus will allow you to quickly and easily create new pages whilst you set up the menu. These new pages will then be ready to be used when you publish your changes.
Video headers, rather than just having a simple image as your header WordPress 4.7 now gives you the option of using video. Simply upload your video in an MP4 format or provide a link to a YouTube
Google’s New Desktop Search Results Page Look
Google have recently confirmed that they are rolling out a new design and look for their desktop search results page. The updated look is more boxy and looks a lot more like their mobile user interface. You can find an example of this new look to the right.
Adwords Editor, Version 11.7
The newest version of AdWords Editor has been released and it has several new features, one of them being bulk creation of responsive ads from text ads. You can now export existing standard text ads and expanded text ads to a spreadsheet that will fill out some of the missing fields. These include the business’s name and image links and then convert them to responsive ads. Another feature to responsive ads is the ability to add square images to them in the Editor tool. The other updates that have been added in Adwords Editor 11.7 are:

  • Support when creating and editing multi-product Gmail ads
  • The ability to add six-second bumper ads to ad groups for YouTube campaigns
  • The ability to manage locations extensions, which include creating, editing and removing extensions from accounts that your Google My Business have linked
  • New video campaign frequency options for “per ad group” and “per ad”.

Amazon Go
Amazon have launched their latest breakthrough technology – a store that lets you pick things from the shelves then simply walk out. The store in Seattle is currently in beta mode and only available to Amazon employees but Amazon say that the stores could be open to the public early next year. Where it is not entirely known how the technology works, it is said to use sensor technology, computer vision, and deep learning. Customers will have to have a compatible smartphone, an Amazon account, and the free Go app. With no lines or checkouts, customers will just pick up their items and leave the shop, their bill being charged to their Amazon account, the sensors will know if you put an item back but it is not known how the store can detect from person to person and who has what items. There are many questions yet to be answered but if this is successful, it could change the face of retail.

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