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Another busy week in #TheLab but we expect nothing less, we had a photoshoot on Thursday to make sure all team members are up to date. But we are glad that there was only 10 of us for the team photo as we had to take maybe circa 60 photos, smiling for 20 minutes gives you cheek ache and I think we ended looking a bit cross eyed. Richard also headed back to GoogleHQ for another innovative day of learning and growing digital marketing as we know it.  On another note we are promoting our next #LabLive event, it is an incredible one day workshop come seminar come learning day based all around “What is working NOW in Digital Marketing?” If you think the day might be of interest to you head to the website or give our Marketing Manager Jess a call on 01427 619522. This LabWeekly looks at Facebook removing the 20% text rule, Google updating AdWords product tab and much more.
Google Updates AdWords Product Tab
It has been announced that Google is bringing some functional heft to the Products tab. Managers will now have the ability to find “product status” and “effective mac CPC” columns in the products tab in AdWords. The “Product Status” column will tell you whether a specific product is ready to serve, disapproved, excluded or out of stock. The new “Effective Max CPC” column allow you to make bid adjustments from the product tab on individual products within your product groups.
In the product group tab the inventory status columns allows you to see percentages and totals for the products that are ready to serve, active, approved and totals for the products that have been submitted. Shopping managers can also now see attributes like brand or product types for shopping campaigns and build charts and tables for reporting.
Google Search Console
Google is ensuring that you update the Google Pagespeed module if you are running an older version. Notifications are being sent out through the Google Search Console. The message from Google states “Google has detected that your site is currently running PageSpeed < or <, an older version of PageSpeed. Outdated software can be vulnerable to hacking and malware exploits that harm potential visitors to your site. Therefore, we suggest you update the software on your site as soon as possible. Following are one or more example URLs where we found pages that have outdated software. The list is not exhaustive.”
Google My Business iOS App Gets New Feature
Google recently released a new update for their Google My Business app for iOS. One of the best new features is the ability for business owners to change their hours for operation temporarily for a holiday or special event directly through the app.
Previously you were able to manage these hours through the Google My Business web portal or by uploading a spreadsheet with the hours.
More features were added in the update which include the following;
         New support for landscape mode
         An easy way to mark if you’re business is permanently closed
         A new menu which allows you to be able to change the primary business category and phone number
Users have reported that the app was having issues and at the moment the app has been taken off of the app store. However it will hopefully be back shortly, we will provide more information when we know.
Has Facebook Finally Removed the 20% Rule?
The 20% rule for images on Facebook was added years ago, the aim of this rule was to safeguard the quality of the user experience and our timelines appearance. By limiting the amount of text on image ads this meant that businesses had to be more creative. The 20% rule is also an issue for social media marketers due to ads being rejected because there is too much text.
However this is all about to change! The new rule won’t stop you from using a image, no matter how much text you have. Although it will let you use it for ads and instead of rejecting your image, Facebook will warn you that the more text you have on your image the less reach you are likely to achieve. (IMAGE) The reason Facebook will warn you is even though you are allowed to go over the 20% text rule, Facebook will penalise you for doing so. The 4 categories your ad can fall in are:

  1. Image Text: Ok – Your ad image contains little or no text
  2. Image Text: Low – Your ads reach may be slightly limited
  3. Image Text: Medium – Your ads reach may be limited
  4. Image Text: High – You may not reach your audience

Facebook’s New Video Section
It has recently been announced that Facebook is adding a tab to their mobile app that will be dedicated to video. Live and on-demand videos will be organised and searchable by topics ,interests and the pages and people that users follow. However, live videos will be taking priority at the top of the section. Other new features will include the ability for users to notify friends of the live stream that they are watching. Another exciting feature is an interactive map that will allow users to find and watch live streams from over 60 countries. The head of product at Facebook, Fidji Simo said:
“People love consuming live videos in the news feed, but we recognise that sometimes they’re just coming for video. We wanted to give them a dedicated space for what’s going on right now.”
This new feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks and Facebook are expecting this to drive even more people to live and on-demand content. For publishers this is a great opportunity as a dedicated video section could possibly open up a revenue stream for them. Up until now the only way video publishers’ could get revenue on Facebook was through the Suggested Videos product. Although this was quite an opportunity for publishers, according to The Wall Street Journal Suggested Videos isn’t producing much revenue for many publishers. Many publishers are remaining optimistic about both live and on-demand videos. Micah Gelman, editorial director of video at The Washington Post said:
“I’m hopeful the new video section clears up a path. They’re definitely on the right track to get more eyeballs to video, so that should set them up – and the rest of us up, too – to bringing in more revenue.”
UK Users Can Now Buy Pinterest Ads
It has recently been announced that Pinterest’s ad marketplace is expanding their borders, this means that those in the United Kingdom can utilise their self-service platform to purchase ads for the millions of the UK users that the image sharing social network serves. It is a logical move that Pinterest expands their international ads due to the platform serving 100 million users globally. Pinterest presence in the UK is rapidly growing especially with its user base growing by nearly half in the past year. Also UK users have pinned more than 2 billion images since the UK launch three years ago.

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