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Welcome to this weeks edition of Lab Weekly, don’t panic it is a day early but only as a result of Easter Weekend and a four day week, all of us at #TheLab wish you the happiest of Easter Holidays and may you eat your bodyweight in chocolate, we know we all will. It has been a productive week in #TheLab this week with lots of client meetings, future plans and we are officially all now HubSpot Certified which is a fantastic team effort, it was mainly driven by the competitiveness inside us all, but none the less we are impressed with our team achievement. With another four day week next week we are expecting a busy few weeks so make sure to check back in with us as our news unfolds. In this weeks LabWeekly we run through the ever changing social media platforms, Twitter celebrated its 10th Birthday on Monday which brings a new timeline, Instagram is rolling out a new algorithm and Apple Pay is expanding.
Apple Pay Coming to Mobile Websites
Apple have recently told potential partners that their apple pay will be expanding to websites later this year. This new service will be available to shoppers who use safari browser on models of iPhone’s and iPad’s that have the Touch ID fingerprint technology. Sources have said that the Apple Pay expansion to mobile websites will be ready before this year’s holiday season. This new feature is definitely something to look out for in the near future.
Amazon Strike
Germany is the Amazon’s second biggest market behind the U.S and it could be in peril due to recent strikes taken by the workers
On the 22nd March, workers from the German labour union, Verdi, in Koblenz, Western Germany walked out. This is not the first time this has happened to the online distributor either, strikes have been taking place across Germany since May 2013, with one recently being held just before Christmas. Warehouse workers are striving for increased pay from the retailer as well as better working conditions and the right for collective bargaining. The warehouses are needed for Amazon to store products as well as ship them and handle returns quickly. The company claim the strikes will not affect deliveries but with more strikes being held, consequences are inevitable. As one of Amazon’s largest European markets, contributing $11.8 million to the company last year, the retailer can’t afford to lose business in Germany.
If you are not aware already, on Wednesday 10th February Twitter introduced a new timeline. However, since this release there have been a variety of questions regarding the new layout.
So, firstly, what is the new timeline all about? Well, if you are managing multiple Twitter accounts it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest tweets. Twitter’s new timeline has been designed to help this, the social platform has added a new feature which shows the “best tweets” you missed “while you were away”. The number of tweets users will see depends on the velocity of their twitter community and how often they log into Twitter. Twitter’s VP of revenue product, Ameet Ranadive says there will be an average of 12 tweets displayed. However, if you are following few accounts it’s likely to be less.
The algorithm involved in the new timeline simply analyses how users interact with tweets and the tweets they like. The tweets that will be shown will be from the people you follow as well as ads.
Now you might be wondering, what if I don’t like this new feature? Well, if the feature isn’t right for you then simply go onto your Twitter settings and unsubscribe to the “show me the best tweets first” option. It is highly recommended that you try the “while you were away” feature and decide for yourself whether the new timeline adds value for you.
Video ads have been in the consideration stage for a while now with Pinterest. Digiday have reported that a small group of users are having the chance to test video ads internally. Sources have said that the videos autoplay when a user stops scrolling over them. The ideal length is still being considered. Pinterest believe they are now in the position to attract advertisers with their inclusion of video ads to its paid media activations.
Instagram have recently announced that they will soon be rolling out an algorithm which will help it’s 400 million monthly users surface the content they care for most. It has been reported that on average Instagram users miss out on 70% of content. The Instagram algorithm will help to keep up with the images and videos that they want to see. The order of posts will primarily be determined by three things:

  • Relevance – How invested you are in the content
  • Relation – Your relationship with the user
  • Recency – The timeliness of the photo or video

Instagram haven’t released an exact day of when this algorithm will be happening, however The New York Times have said that the changes will be gradual and less than 10% of users will be affected at the start. As you can imagine a large amount of marketers have their own opinion on this change. Below is just a selection of some of the comments that have been made.
“Instagram’s transition to an algorithmic feed was inevitable. You end up missing a lot of important content, and your content isn’t seen by the people you’re posting it for. This is going to make Instagram great again.” – Jason Stein, CEO, Laundry Service at BuzzFeed.
“I don’t believe Instagram will go full-fledge Facebook with its suppression of all organic reach for content.. The Instagram community is just different and expects a level of authenticity and accessibility that isn’t reflected on Facebook.” – Orli LeWinter, VP of Social Marketing and Strategy at Adweek.
“I am definitely reevaluating my content strategy with Instagram. Before, I used to look at our Instagram page as a thematic aesthetically pleasing story, but now with the algorithm update, i foresee changing my strategy to include content that will be highly engaging and optimised for our customer’s feed.” – Mario Moreno, Global Social Media Manager, FIDM Social Media for Business Marketing Professor.

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