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We had a pumpkin carving competition with Andy being the winner with his incredible cyberman carving. Richard attended the Hero Conference in London at the start of the week, talking to lots of insightful people and learning some tips and tricks, we’ll be publishing a blog in the coming weeks so watch this space. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss updates to Bing Ads, Amazon dash adding 66 new buttons and much more.fullsizerender
Amazon Dash Adds 66 New Buttons
In a previous Lab Weekly, we told you about Amazon Dash. Buttons to be placed around the house which allow you to press them just before you run out of a specific product, which will then be ordered for you and delivered ASAP. These new products which have been added to Dash, bringing their lineup now to a whopping 226 buttons. Every Dash Button is connected with a specific product with the labeling on the front so you never get confused, and each cost £4.99 but this will also be taken off your first purchase of that specific item. They are exclusively for Prime Members but this also means that you receive next day delivery when you press to re-order an item. You don’t have to worry about others in the house re-ordering as well, as only one purchase will register until the item is delivered, no matter how many times you press the button. You will also receive a confirmation email meaning you have the choice to cancel your order if need be. Coca Cola is just one of the new brands with Dash Buttons, allowing you to order Coke, Diet Coke, and Powerade straight away. Others include Amazon Basics batteries and pet supplies. Dash was only released in the UK in August but is already off to a great start. Overall, Amazon have stated they have experienced 5x more orders in the last year.
Updates to Bing Ads
Throughout this week Bing Ads have rolled out expanded text ads and a more comprehensive campaign set-up workflow that allows you tbing-ads-shared-budgets-800x388o see performance estimates. However, it doesn’t stop there, on Thursday Bing ads announced the global release of Shared Budgets. Within Shared Budgets now whether it is all campaigns or a subset of campaigns you can have a single budget that will get doled out automatically to the campaigns that need it. David Mclntyre from iProspect did a beta test of this update and told Bing ads “Shared Budgets definitely lightened my workload and saved time related to budget pacing. We used it to essentially combine 400+ regional targeted campaigns into one.” Shared Budget is currently read-only in Editor and Apps at the moment but is available in the UI, which you will find under Shared Library.  Currently, Shared Budgets is not supported by Import or Google Sync which means if you import updates from AdWords for an existing campaign that uses a Shared Budget then the campaign budget won’t get updated. Bing Ads have said that they want to work on this integration for the early 2017.
Apple Introduce New Macs
At a recent event at their headquarters in California, Apple had unveiled their new range of MacBook Pro Laptops. Three new versions of the laptop have been introduced, two of which will include Apple’s new thin touch screen strip above the keyboard. There will be updated 13-inch and 15-inch devices with this new feature, and one cheaper 13-inch without the touch bar, thought to be an alternative to the MacBook Air. The laptops with the touch bar will also include a fingerprint reader, something Apple has seen great success with since they introduced it to their iPhone 5. This fingerprint reader will allow users to use ApplePay and log into applications. The touch bar is able to change functions depending on what you are using the laptop for. Mac also unveiled a new app called TV, this brings together shows and films across a range of apps for users to easily find and then watch or buy depending on their accounts.
This may see an end to YouTube creators adding annotations to their videos to urge viewers to watch other videos. The new End Screens that have recently been launched, give YouTubers an easier alternative to what most were essentially doing anyway. Much like how creators were utilising the standard annotation during their end card, this new feature will allow creators to add in a thumbnail for another video during the last 5-20 seconds of that current video. However, standard annotations can only be clicked on desktop, and do not work on mobile. Meaning that creators would usually additionally include a link in their description for those watching on mobile, who also wanted to see the featured video. The new End Screens can bring an end to this and will be more friendly for viewers, easier to use for creators, and allowing them to get more attraction to their other videos. Overall, the feature is designed to optimise mobile use, which is continuing to grow.

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