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With plenty more consultations and exciting ideas we are looking forward to creating some fantastic work in the upcoming weeks and months. We are changing the way we do a few things in the office which is adding a real buzz around the office, that and the fact that Jess, Hayley and Jodie have got some stability balls to sit on at their desk. Also we have officially got a Sonos sound system in both offices, this will probably be the root of many arguments to come. Also in true English spirit we have done a building sweepstake for the upcoming Euros, fingers crossed for my pick, Poland. In Lab Weekly this week we look at Google Maps bringing updates for their Street View, Bing Ads are now accepting signups, and variety of stories from the world of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Bing Ads are Now Accepting Signups
Bing announced on Tuesday that they are working on allowing users the ability to share a budget across multiple campaigns. Shared budgets are a great way to optimise and redistribute unused daily budget, it allows Bing to automatically redistribute unused daily budget from campaigns to ones with more clicks.
To participate in the pilot test for Shared Budgets, either contact your account rep or email
Google Maps Brings Updates for Street View
It has recently been announced that Google are replacing the “arrow navigation” in Street View with a more smoother “blue line” that will allow users to swipe and scroll through images more quickly. Below is an example of the old navigation and the new one.
The old navigation from the desktop version of Maps:
Below is an example of what Google Maps looks like now for the iPhone:
If you are an active Facebook user then you will be happy to know that the social media network has now enabled video replies to posts and status updates. The camera icon now allows you to add photos and record and share videos on comments.
Videos in comments are now available worldwide, allowing you to upload them as replies to posts by people, and pages as well as within groups and events. This is available on desktop web, iOS and Android.
Twitter has taken user feedback in order to redesign and simplify your microblogging app. The redesign has a new swipe function in order to allow the user the ability to swipe between screen, for example you can now swipe from your Home timeline through to your Notifications and Direct Messages. You can now also access your menu navigation by swiping from the left allowing easy access to Profile, Highlights, Lists, To connect with friends and to access Settings or Help. Direct Messages has also been given a new name “Talk privately” this has been apart of Twitter on iOs for some time.
Overall we have found that the new update has has had good feedback, a few simple tweaks from Twitter has put the spotlight on them. Users seem to be embracing the update with open arms and it is making Android much happier when using Twitter.
It was announced in March that Instagram would test having an algorithm to sort people’s feeds based on what they’re most likely to be interested in rather than what was most recently posted. Statistics from Instagram show that on average 70% of people miss posts from people they follow, which is one of the reasons it opted in for an algorithmic feed.
The idea is that the feed would do a better job of showing people photos and videos on topics which they are mostly likely to be interested in and enjoy, this will replace having to scroll through a feed of topics they may find less interesting. They are hoping this will also bring more interaction to Instagram and ensure people can find what they want more easily and efficiently.

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