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Penguin 3.0 update

A detailed blog from this week has suggested that the latest Penguin update was more of a whimper than a roar! Their results show minimal temperature from the algorithm that rolled out a week last Friday. Considering the last Penguin update was in October 2013 it is safe to same that many were expecting something a little more explosive.
In reality the Penguin and Panda updates have always been hard to gauge and as The Moz Blog explains there are many variables in play. Panda and Penguin are classifiers – not indicators of scope. There could have been a gradual roll-out effecting results across the board.
The wider search results contain significant peaks and troughs where individual sites have indeed been hit. We have several results that show sites bouncing back after a disavow and clear success from extensive SEO work. So Penguin may have not amazed across the board but some sites are certainly shining.

Bing goes after greater market share

Microsoft Executives have outlined plans for the future of Bing and Bing Ads. Rik van der Kooi, Corporate VP, Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group, said “You will see us evolve Bing more and more as we understand people more completely, and it is not always going to be with a SERP, but it is going to be ubiquitous.”
Stephen Weitz, Director of Search for Bing responded to questions about the limitations of Cortana saying that they do not think of it in that way. He explained that Cortana capabilities are and will continue to evolve into other products and platforms. Weitz explained: ‘We think of Bing less and less as a destination portal. We’re trying to put search where users are.’ They are focusing their attentions by asking ‘How do we create search capabilities to allow users to use any modality they want?’
Bing have certainly got plenty in the pipeline to show the world they are taking search and their share if the market very seriously. Of course, it is difficult to think they are really doing anything other than playing catch up at the end of the day. Or am I just being cruel and what we are really witnessing is the next big thing with a user orientated approach like no other? Weitz cited the possibility of integrations with iOS, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.
Bung Ads will also benefit from several new and upcoming features:
Universal Event Tracking – Powered by a new code snippet for tracking goals and conversion events. It also collects data including site behaviour metrics like bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit etc.
Cross Device Tracking – UET relies on the MSID which is the ID assigned to users when they login to Microsoft accounts. This will enable Bing Ads to offer cross-device tracking but what this will look like exactly remains to be seen. This will be the first integration of MSID with Bing Ads.
Remarketing – This will build onto the UET code snippet and will be limited to search. Being able to target audiences with creative landing pages is part of the Bing plan. The goal is to extend remarketing out on third party sites and enable targeting across a publisher network via first and third party data.
Display Network – Bing Ads also announced that a display ad network similar to AdSense is indeed in progress. The driving philosophy is to enable advertisers to build once and publish everywhere.
Accounts Summary – A new MCC style multi account manager has already been rolled out.
App Extensions – New app extensions will become available from November. There will be a suite of extensions including measurement tools and app-installs.
Offline Conversion Tracking – The future will involve enabling advertisers to bring In CRM data as well as offline tracking.

Google Pirate Update

Google pushed out their latest pirate update over the past few days. There are many examples of torrent sites being hit.
Google’s pirate update is a filter introduced in 2012 to prevent sites with many copyright infringement reports (as filed through Google’s DMCA system) from ranking well in Google’s listings.
That’s it from us this week but check back next weekend for more news from the world of SEO, and digital marketing on the whole.

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