Lab Weekly – A Bullet in the Head for Guest Blogging?

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Well its that time of the week again and what an interesting week it has been with Matt Cutts the head of Googles Web Spam team really laying down the law on Guest Blogging, but has it really delivered a ‘bullet to the head’ of this common content marketing strategy?
BlogIt did initially appear that the end was nigh for guest blogging as the following quote from Matt Cutts indicates: –

“So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post unless you are willing to vouch for someone personally or know them well.”

However he did go on to add some clarification to this rather sweeping statement by pointing out that this was not an attack on quality sites.

“Quality guest blogging would be judged on the merit of the site that the post is on and the relevancy of the content to the recipient link. However I think the spam team will judge the volume of guest blogging – if it’s fairly high as a link building tactic, it’s most likely to be seen as spam.”

It immediately sent the industry into a frenzy, however many other marketing leaders took up their pens in attempt to quell genuine bloggers and guest bloggers fears. Neil Patel(@neilpatel) from the popular Quicksprout said that the way he saw it was that it would almost certainly change but that if done correctly it was still a strong tactic and you can learn more about what Neil says here.
Guest Posting isn’t dead you just have to be sensible and have a strategy that that doesn’t involve getting a post anywhere purely for the sake of a link. Aiming for high authority sites and building up your own authority then taking it back to your own content hub is what will work. Remember not all links are created equally see more about this in our earlier Lab Weekly!
Facebook Reduces Page Visibilty with New Algorithm Change
Social MediaIt would appear this week that Facebook are once again on the campaign trail for getting businesses to use paid promotion on their Facebook Pages. Its recent announcement involves yet more changes to its news feed algorithm that could potentially hurt the visibility of your business.
This new algorithm change appears to be affecting text status updates after Facebook noticed that updates from pages didn’t have the same influence as those from users. The change means they are now going to rank these two types of updates separately with the long term effect being a decrease in the visibility of text status updates in the news feed being shared by pages.
Of course there are always ways to make the changes work for you and this week also saw a good post on the Moz Blog that discusses just that Make Facebook’s Algorithm Change Work For You, Not Against You and its a read we would recommend.
Give you Brand a Boost with Retargeting
This is one of our favourite reads from this week as we are really big advocates of remarketing and have found it to be a relatively quick win for many clients. Larry Kim from Wordstream has been using this tactic since the early part of 2012 and his latest article takes and in-depth look at three real benefits of this tactic to your business.
The first of these discusses the benefits to your brand online and how to give brand recall a major boost, and you have got to love the ‘My Dog Ate my PPC’ 🙂

  • The second tip involves how to improve audience engagement through your re-targeting efforts
  • And finally and probably most importantly how the previous two lead to increased conversion.

This is another great article that we would certainly recommend reading as Larry Kim (@larrykim) is a favourite author among the team and the full post can be read here.
No Social Signals for Ranking says ‘Cutts’
In this weeks Google Webmaster Video Matt Cutts highlighted the fact that contrary to many beliefs they do not currently extract social data for use in their algorithm for ranking purposes. He added that this is due to the fact that they do not wish to waste engineering time and valuable resources to this and then be blocked by Facebook or Twitter.
They have as we all know previously been blocked but made light of this. He also made mention of the fact they are cautious of extracting data that changes regularly and if they don’t keep up it could cause upset.
The full video of this can be seen here, and we will catch you in next weeks Lab Weekly.

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